Game Black screen and block the entire computer

Hello, i got somes trouble with the game.

When i join a room i can play then at certains points, it black screen and force me to Hard reset the computer.

Any clue where it come ?

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If you open a file explorer and type %appdata% in the search bar (or press the windows key and R and then type %appdata% in the run window), and then go to Fatshark\Vermintide 2\, you can find two folders : crash_dumps and console_logs.
You should upload both the crash file and the console log corresponding to the time the game crashed (which are in the respective folders) here.

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crash_dump-2021-03-07-17.15.38-3d7058d1-65fb-4949-bf2e-19330367bb10.dmp (878.9 KB) console-2021-03-07-17.15.38-3d7058d1-65fb-4949-bf2e-19330367bb10.log (924.1 KB)

There are both console logs and Crash dumps !

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Could be HDMI copyright issue. Try to disconnect and reconnect your hdmi cable

The error produced appears to be GPU-related, but a common issue we’re seeing with the Ryzen CPUs is an outdated BIOS (consequently resulting in the hard crashes like those you describe). So before anything else, could you try updating your BIOS please?


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