future dlc and what would make everyone so happy

Hi fatshark and anyone else who reads this. I love this game. It’s incredibly well made and very fun to play and immerse youreself in. This game and the first one among other things have made me fall in love with this universe. I know you guys are a company and you need to be realistic and make money. But I can tell from the games you make and from things like this you are fans you’re selves and developers of the people you could say. You want to make us happy. It satisfies you guys to know that you have made a great game that makes people happy every day. Because of this I really hope you listen and please add these things to the game. If you where to add a larger dlc focused on the beastmen where we meat a new playable character who is innertuined with the beastmen In some way. This would make us so happy and it would be awsome. Adding new enemies, heroes, or just careers would really bring more life to the game and expand the community as well as pleasing the already loyal community you have. I know it’s a lot a lot of work and money that is required to do something like this but please fatshark you would be so happy with the results and we would love you guys so much for it. I believe that you guys are capable of doing this and you won’t regret it.(ideas:beastmen,new enemies,lizardman hero, Kislev hero, Bretonnian hero, vampire hero, or even an orc hero, or just some more careers, like the Kislev could be a career for Kruber, not really sure but I trust you guys. Like a new bretonnian hero could be added alongside the new beastmen enemies. Right with new maps and story like you’ve done with you’re dlcs. It would make us so so happy. Please please fat shark. Really I bealive it can be done and I really know nobody would regret it.


We kinda have a topic going about this already, and it’s not even a week old.

They told us to hold their beer, so we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us.

On another note, @Fatshark_Hedge Would you be able to tell us how long you guys are planning on releasing content for this game? We’re almost 1 year in now for the beta testers, are you planning to keep the DLCs and addition content coming for another year? 2 years? 3 years?

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The plan is a five to ten year project. We have a lot of scope we want to explore - so long as people want us to explore it! :slight_smile:


I am in!
Been playing the game since launch and still cant get enough of it.
Heres to thousands more hours of the Vermintide!


make a open world mmo ;p

New Hero(s)
More class variety in talent and weapon options
New non reclolor skins
More maps
More Challenges

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5 to 10 years of support and dlc’s for V2?
wow, surprising, that is a lot of time

I’d like to have new maps, new enemies, new weapons, new objectives

What this game seems to need is more variety. Currently there is often one perfect build that synergizes with everything the class has to offer, sometimes there are 2, but generally that’s it. So more talents would be welcome. And some function to special attacknbutton, so we have more options when in a fight.
Also a property/trait system could use a rework because again, often there’s no real choice (trinket anyone?). Making the game less about crit chance (right now it affects the most useful traits and is generally the best choice fof most classrs) and more about player choices (melee traits on HS)? Would be nice.

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You do not speak for everyone. Not that your suggestions aren’t good. Just lay off the “us” and “everyone” crap.

More missons like V1’s: Black Powder and Wheat & Chaff.

I liked the smaller maps with objectives to be done in a small area.

Maybe an extra armor slot: cloaks, shoulder armor or belts/boots/gloves.

Gloves could be cool since we can see them as we play.


+1 for the new equipment idea.

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Could You add more illusions to Victor Saltzpyre Axe and Falchion , for example change the wooden Axe with Brigstan’s

If new enemy factions are released is it possible to get a dlc that somehow offers additional scenarios on the old maps to allow allow the player to face the new enemy faction on the older maps instead of the skaven & chaos warbands, or maybe at the same time? (especially if the new faction isn’t compatible with the old factions (i.e. you don’t fight them at the same time))


I think thats another reason why they implemented the ubersreik maps as “illusions”. With this system you can justify any enemy composition.

I still wanna see a Skink. 8)

Someone started a thread on fbook regarding this, its really interesting to hear from Fat Shark about their plans for the game and the other ideas here. It seems alot of people are really keen to preserve the lore with I wholeheartedly agree on I hated the idea of MMO taking over Skyrim where every player could choose what they can wear and mount… I love the grittiness of Vermintide and would start to question dance moves and bugs bunny ear hats etc… but coming from a non-warhammer background its sad that v2 seems pretty limited atmo with regard to looks… I think if I was to suggest something it would be to allow 4 of each race be playable at the same time and therefore the ability to expand the looks of each hero to allow for a bit of a personal touch whilst keeping the Ubersrike 5 (cough 4) on their own story-arc… I fear the screams of heresy with regards balance…

Completely NEW More Costumes For Every HERO Not Different colors

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