Fuel for Fire not working

I understand that Fuel for Fire should give more Hero Power (so more damage) depending of the number of ennemies hit by Living Bomb.
But as you can see on this screenshot using Fuel for Fire

with 5 five training dummies give as much damage as using Bomb Balm.

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Sienna’s ult doesn’t really interact well with dummies, better go into a map and ult some rats and see if the buff pops up

Yep, if something doesn’t work on dummies, always test it on enemies before reporting as a bug. Lots of things don’t work on dummies.

It doesn’t work on ennemies either.

The buff icon appears for me. Or do you mean you’ve tested and there’s no actual damage increase?

The buff icon doesn’t appear and there is no damage increase on training dummies and ennemies.

I’ve just tested it on modded realm (as a host) and it works for me. I’m getting both the buff icon and the damage increase: https://puu.sh/GaXJS/d6df9774cd.mp4

Perhaps it doesn’t work for clients? Can anyone confirm or deny?

I can now say that Fuel for Fire works perfectly when you are the host. The buff icon and the damage increase are present. Hovewer, the buff icon doesn’t appear when you are not the host and I’m not sure about the increase of damage.

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