FS - Please take your time with this BBB

I’d just like to humbly ask that this BBB will be given time to breathe and evolve and that it won’t be rushed to an early end in a few weeks from now.
I think there’s a lot more potential changes to be made beyond what’s already been done. There are a lot of great suggestions that have been cropping up on this forum, especially regarding talent changes, which I think are very worth trying out.

If I had my way, this BBB would even last a couple of months, so you guys could try out all kinds of different angles and balance changes, to really sort some stuff out that has been discussed in great detail besides weapons tweaks.
Hell, you could even try some new trait balance changes or property balance changes, why not?
This BBB can be a very fertile testing ground with a pretty active community. I think there’s a big opportunity here to make some great changes for the better that would last a long while.

In short, I just hope you guys will capitalize on the potential of this BBB and give it time :slight_smile:


Months is a bit excessive. Especially considering that you are basically splitting the playership over the live version and the BBB version. And as it has been shown there are a lot of factors currently running which are at times to much.

However, I think they should at least adress each career if possible. Though for this, they should first close a part of the current BBB. So to say like one more week of Footknight, Ranger Veteran, Unchained, Handmaiden, Ironbreaker and Bounty Hunter and then finish them up and start with a new set of heroes.


There’s still a lot of work on all thoses careers to be honest. Thoses won’t be “finished” before the new set of careers.

Months was a bit of a hyperbole. I edited it to be a couple of months which I think could suffice to get a much better balance for most careers and perhaps even traits/properties.

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