Friendly Reminder

With new auric-maelstrom missions, a friendly reminder to the player base:

Your positioning is important. Running ahead and hitting triggers while the team is dealing with pressing threats or not staying together when a disabler wave is coming is going to kill you, if not the team.

That is all :3


Protip: If a single person falls, at any time, that mission is probably going to wipe.

Don’t be that person.


Extra Brotip: Ignore quoted Brotip. If you never give up, you will avoid many teamwipes and clutching is real. Even in the hardest difficulty.


I’ve gotta agree with ignoring Tzcheese here. The only reason one person falling can often lead to a team wipe is because often a second player does something stupid in an attempt to be a big god damned hero and then there are two players down instead of one.

Treat it like you’re a first responder. You’re of no good to anyone else until you first ensure your own safety. I’ve seen the problem play out a LOT:

  • Selfish player runs off on his own since he thinks that he’s a badass
  • Sucker punch downs the selfish guy
  • Overly selfless guy drops EVERYTHING to pickup the selfish player
    *Selfless player either fails, or his plan entirely hinges on the assumption that the selfish player will now fight back to back to deal with the masses of enemies
    *Surprise: selfish player bails on the fight, often with a dash career skill, and leaves his savior to perish in his place
    *Selfish player repeats his original mistakes since he hasn’t learned anything

When someone goes down, you need to make extra sure that you and the rest of the standing players are covering each other. Try to clear the area around the downed player if possible, but moving out of position to rescue the downed player can often result in biting off more than you can chew. Better for you and the surviving players to circle the wagons and later rescue the dead teammate from a respawn point than to wipe the party with a desperate hail Mary rescue attempt.

Actually, Tzcheese is right.

Losing one player means dropping 25% of the group’s power.

And if someone will try to revive him during combat, it’s already minus 50%.

If the horde’s tension is high (based on difficulty), here comes the easiest way to lose.

You don’t need 100% of the team to clear match. With careful play you can clear things solo, and things improve with teammates since you help provide insurance against things like being sucker punched in one hit by a disabler. One person on the team dying is almost a non-issue if the remaining three stick together. One person going down only starts being a problem if someone else throws caution to the wind with a desperate attempt to save the downed teammate from dying. That can kick off a failure cascade where now you have two people dead instead of one.

If we are talking about Low-int/basic, that’s true even on Damnation.

But if we are talking about Auric with Hi-int/Shock Troop and Maelstrom, you need all 100% doing their best.

No, this is false. Two very skilled players can together hold out for a quite a while. Heck, I’ve seen one-person clutches from one spawn point to the next.

Yeah, I did it as well on Maelstrom.

Resurrected the whole team, and guess what, in the next room they all died again :+1:

Doesn’t always go that way.
I renounce your Defeatist message and brand you in punishment with the worst seal of diapproval known to mankind.

I dub thee a “Nihilist”.

And you’re absolutely missing the point, that to do those things:

They must not die.

Unless your whole point is “let others carry you”.

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