Frequent, smaller updates vs big bundled updates

This is my opinion about the matter.
I feel that for a game as troubled as current V2, it is essential to fix, balance and improve things one step at a time, and not bundle it up, which is what i think is happening, with the DLC coming in soon aswell.
There was no patch this week, and there are multiple things that have a huge negative impact on gameplay experience that i cant imagine taking alot of work to atleast workaround.
Patrol issues, make them have audio regardless of them moving or not.
Green dust, give us a simple conversion system.
Shield SV, nerf the hell out of their stamina.
Emergency buffs to weapons such as kruber single sword, hagbane, bolt staff, elf single sword etc.

Not to mention the reduced chance of game breaking bugs sneaking in with big updates, and lowered time to find exactly what is causing them.

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As their newsletter said 2 days ago, they are working on a lot of stuff for a FREE update.
The DLC will arrive later :slight_smile:

Exactly my point. I really do appreciate the free stuff. But I think they are better off releasing bits of it more frequently than a big bulk every now and then.

please dont! its all lmb spam soup as it is the shielded rats are one of the few things you can kill faster if you apply a bit of thought or teamwork that are left since they decided not to fix the broken power scaling.

they were talking in the dev stream about a lot of physical item related bugs needing entre level re downloads so were trying to work out how to do them efficiently.

But the absence of any quick and obvious balance stuff is something i just don’t get . maybe they only get to play test builds internally and are not playing the same game as us.

I wouldnt even mind big bundle Updates, if we would at least get frequent updates in the forum or estimated dates when the Updates will roll out. To we dont stand in the dark ^^

(I dont mean the Patch-Log)

Because “In April” is a pretty vage description :smiley: It could be the 1st on 1am or could be 30th on 11pm :smiley:

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