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All stories must be here, in this topic.

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All must be here?

All must be here.

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Yes. Hur-hur-hur.

A very bold hint, need to say.


Is it finally happening. Have been waiting for this quite a while already. Please, don’t let this be lore only or some justification for Victor - Knight of Morr or Sienna - Necromancer.

Maybe we will know more next week. Geheimnisnacht is coming up and maybe this is the prelude to the next campaign featuring or aiming at least to introduce the Undead enemy faction. Geheimnisnacht would be ideal for this and also “in line” considering the event we had two(?) years ago.

Also: “Some northlander dirtbag has stolen the Emperor’s favourite hat”. Business as usual.

How often does this happen? Why are these hats not better protected? And did this so-called “northlander” have a very suspicious mustache or a scar on his face?


I am for a Warrior Priest of Sigmar howeeever “Knight of Morr” suits Victor very well, he does not tolerate any presence of a necromancer and manipulation of the dead.

I think Victor will have this role and I am for it. (I specify that I Victor is my favorite character and that he is lv 700) Without counting the number of hours that I have more on him on the first Vermintide!

PS: If that’s it, I got the hype !!

“I’d have sent our lot to take a look, but this was smack dab in the middle of a pilgrimage”


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Might be we’ve been getting complacent about this old Pactsworn-smiting malarkey

Bit of a heads up that things are going to get a bit harder I reckon. Could this be a fabled BBB 2.0 that pumps the enemies up? Adds in something like a Terrorgheist? My hype meter just bumped up a notch.

I’m also looking forward to some Kruber voicelines about Necromancers. Hopefully with some swear words in there alongside his real passionate hatred for the undead.

And by swear words you mean his newly acquired French surely?


Mes Oui Baguette! Hon Hon!


That would be perfect career. I would not stand another fiery Sienna. This borring rubbish should be updated and necromancer would be a fresh air in Siennas gameplay.

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After a bottle of Brandy Kruber would execute Necro Sienna without even thinking. Sienna Soot Wizard next with Stealth skill - it’s the thing missing from her skillset.


And thats only if the elf or saltz doesnt kill her on sight before even getting drunk.:sweat:

  1. People rarely gifted with two or more winds of magic. And Sienna said that she had talent only for the flames. And fire magic does not have any stealth skills. The only things, that points us into the new career for now - is her twin sister Necromancer. And she can be the new career. Because FS might want to make her a playable character without creating a complete new model.

  2. Humans, elves and dwarfs fought alongside vampires and necromancers during the end times, because chaos was overwhelming and victory of chaos would be bad for everyone. And there are two reasons, why they did this. Non of them could win agains chaos on their own and fighting with each other would only closer their end. So fighting necromancer without using her abilities would be idiotic move. And characters are not idiots (Excluding Kruber). Even elf and dwarf did not kill each other. And their races hate each other. They have thousands of years, spend in bad relationship: wars, betreyals, grudges. It is old and deep hatred, even deeper, than with vampires and humans. Also don’t forget the vampire was one of those who saved Karl Franz from death in Drachenfels.

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Are you taking the p*ss? We’re all well aware. They were just stating the obvious. IF it would’ve been Sofia, they might say sorry before or afterwards to Sienna, but they’d still do it. Kruber has a past with necromancers, Victor is Victor, and i don’t believe the Wood Elves signed that ‘accepting the Undead as temporary allies’ whoelheartedly. More so Kerillian, as she is rogue justice element who shoots first and then asks questions.
And the End Times haven’t progressed that far yet, the whole shebacle with Gelt summoning the dead would erstwhile even intesify anti Undead thinking.

Also, Genevieve is very much the exception of the norm when it comes to Vampires. Only other exception i can think of would be Abhorash, but he is even more exceptional.


If the circumstances force them to accept necromancer, they would do it. There are a lot of ways to implement it into the story. Make they desperately need the help of her dark arts in the situation, where their own powers would not be enough to overcome the odds. But most of the people just type dim-witted nonsence, copypasting each other: “But they would not work with a necromancer and blablabla”. Because 2 braincells preserve them from using imagination.

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It’s not dim-witted nonsence, i gave you some arguements. It’s not that an adventurer party in the End Times wouldn’t cooperate with a Necromancer, it’s that the U5 wouldn’t work with one. There’s the difference. This particular setup we have is less likely to do it than any other regular rag tag band of heroes under similar circumstances. I just don’t see it happening, but Fatshark will decide in the end.
They already did go to a possibly very dark place with their ‘pilgrimage’. It was even Victor who brought up the idea. But his prayers/self talks in the pilgrimage chamber already show how conflicted he is with his/their course of action. And all the new careers lately did all go somewhat in the direction of redemption/newfound purpose. For Sienna to then go Necromancer or her sister stepping in - it just doesn’t fit that direction.


Didn’t Wizards start using Necromancy unwillingly during the end time because Nagash did something to the Winds of Magic? I have a vague memory of that. So it would not be completely out of the blue if Sienna started using Necromancy.

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There is the Burning Ash Cloud as a stealth skill. At least, of concealment ^^

JayJay already explained that the U5 are an especially bad pick for letting a Necromancer in the group or even let it stay close-by. But aside from lore issues, personally I don’t see any career presumable centered around summoning support units working in this game. Either they are completely useless or killtastic sanctioned in-game cheats/exploits. And 100 % bugged all the time. As enemy a Necromancer would work better but as career? Additionally, Necromancer and Vampire as careers would be boring.

But we first have to wait if these posts will come down to some actual content or just ordinary world-building/lore. After all the Undead have important part in the current Endtimes year. Although if that is the case they could have spared the part about Sofia and just made it any Necromancer instead of using a character which has been built up since Drachenfels. Let’s see what comes out of it.

For Sienna, my bet would still be on Maiden of the Sun. It is a much better fit in terms of Lore and Gameplay.

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