Franz Lohner's Chronicles

I apologize wildly for the offtopic, but this is absolutely wonderful - a portion of Kislev’s new background from TW3. Who is Kostaltyn of Kislev?

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They cant stop - as do I.

Cant add more 3 post in a row - so UPDATE: story from today (11.06.21)

*NOBODY expects the Estalian Inquisition
2. More reconstruction of the Taal’s Horn Keep - is also good.
3. Sienna the Necromancer - is also very good. Take my money.

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Oh crap! Sofia was her twin sister?

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A fun little note that the explanation for why the cellar has been blocked for so long is that Lohner has lost his keys and he´s thinking about letting his architect just tear it all down and rebuild it xd

Talk about a strong reaction to realizing he´d forgotten to procure a spare key.

And Sienna hates anyone who goes off killing innocent people and bullying those much weaker than them…no wonder the family reunion skipped the “flying sparks” phase and went straight to blazing.

Now i cant help but wonder if she wouldnt actually like saltz a bit more if he was less crooked when it comes to “mortal crimes” and securing funding…after all he does do the whole “hunt chaos related evil” thing well.

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