Franz Lohner's Chronicles

Nurgle´s mooks are likely the weekest though, at least the skinny ones.

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speaking from tabletop RPG experience, both fantasy and 40k

Nurgle creatures are actually tanky as heck.

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I meant the skinny rotblood guys, i know the things bigger than those are the chaos posterthings for resilient ^^

…Of course that is as in comparing the smaller mooks of the big 4, if the rats are included then they win the weak mooks run.

The “Fanatic” type enemies can’t even really be called warriors, they’re probably slaves/cultists who are only there to fill up the frontline like skaven slaves and exist for gameplay purposes so you have some easy meat to cleave through. Actual norscan warriors start at Marauders.



This is exactly what I love Fatshark for - they do not live “in a vacuum” and really know how to make “Easter eggs”.

UPDATE: My opinion about Fatshark has grown higher. They fixed and explained a very old canon conflict. In WFRP 2 Ed. Marius Holseher was a humble scribe, and in the armybook of the Demons of Chaos, he was Elector Count.

Yes, in 1460 IC. More than a thousand years before the End Times and the Death of the Old World.

Also, Mirror of Nightmares. I’m sure this is it:


CW’s have confirmed that FS have been updating us on new content using FLC’s this whole time. Cheers FS! :beers:


I’m not familiar with the picture. what is it?

I think it’s Tzarina Katarin, the Ice Queen of Kislev from the Total War Warhammer 3 Trailer:

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This time I get to do the honours:

EDIT: Wow, huge implications this time!


Yea, that FLC is kinda disturbing in a way. It implies that the different careers are not alternative paths for alternative timelines but they really are happening all in the same timeline changing the characters from one day to the other.


Yes, which, although until now it didn’t make sense, it’s been my feeling all along.
Also, as a friend of mine told me around the release of VT2, Saltzpyre really is threading a thin line. My friend pointed to Tzeench specifically :smiley:
I’m very curios to see what’ll happen at the Citadel of Eternity.
Imagine if Saltzpyre’s players will lose control of their character, and he’ll start shooting at us. It would add to my BH PTSD.
On a more serious note, this post renewed my curiosity to know more about Oleysa. She alone is able to laugh these things off. Who is she?

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Who is mr. Lohner - I need to know first.

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I’d have thought an elder member of the order of the reikshammer, although nothing’s been proven yet.

Dunno, he was a merc for a long time right? Doesnt seem like the type you´d go for when looking to for super loyal agents…but he is part of some manner of spy gig for sure. And given how he can easily get in contact with elves, dwarves and the imperial court i´d bet he is more likely to be part of a more recognized and official group like agents ordered directly by the emperor and each agent has their own network of goons&informants in a region.

He probably even has a fancy seal he can apply to his letters for speedier deliveries.

Because this is Warhammer, in the finale he could be anyone… For example, Lohner and Olesya are the two heads of Kairos Fateweaver, in the image of humans - like in the book “Architect of Fate”.

Also, my favorite Easter Egg from Vermintide:

This at least means that Franz Lohner was participant in the events of Shadow of the Horned Rat / Dark Omen.


Aaaah that’s great to know. I remember that shield, you can also see it in waylaid, on the ground near the stormvermins Lonher’s killed :smiley:
How good is Shadows of the Horned Rat? A friend talked to me a lot about it. Should I pick it up?

Well not necessarily, Kruber’s dream is putting up a band of mercenaries himself, and he’s loyal as they come. I suppose in the Empire it might be a way to get the job done, without having to go through too much beaurocracy and chain of command. And such order might initially select their members based on their effectiveness (not to mention the shadier stuff comes useful with the job).
There’s rumors Karl Franz himself is a member of that order, so I think it ticks all the boxes: contacts, money, etc.
Plus, it’s quite the secret order, and then again, Kruber was recruited thanks to a recommendation from Lohner. It’s not hard proof, but it’s enough for me for the moment.

You might wana rethink that one :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Kruber has a history of killing superior´s that he do not like, and going on drunken rampages in various cities. The only loyalty he had was to his regiment buddies, the same ones who got a surprise necromancer greeting, and even the present company is just past early stage friendliness but Nurgloth also pointed out how he´s not quite truly attached yet.

Family? Skaven plague.

PTSD and trauma about having true friends is strong and back in vt1 he had some very pointed dialogue about a strong dislike for magic…he may or may not also have a history of banditry inside the empire and a very confirmed one+´raiding and looting in Brettonia.

In fact, this is an immortal classic. I have pleasant nostalgic memories. It sometimes sells for ridiculous money on sale in GoG, so why not to try? If it can work under a modern OS, of course.
Anyway, it has quite a clunky interface, especially by todays standards. But the strategy and gameplay are present.

What’s the alternate career for Franz Lohner then? Maybe an Estalian Francisco Lonero?

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