Franz Lohner's Chronicles

One does not exclude the other. They can remove her auto-crit and thornwall supernuke and give her instead the ability to fly over the battle field and summon poisonous flesh-eating killer plants in an area of 100 squaremeter with a 10 second cooldown.

Also, the current weekly FLC is about goddess Kerillian, so it is fitting the thread. This week. Next week the FLC will talk about how the Moonfire Bow gets stronger the more enemies it kills.

Check the thread comments :joy:

She states that they are doing a rework rather than outright buffs, the clip was just a joke.

Of course this does not mean that she cant end up more powerful than now…

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Yes yes don’t worry I understand ^^

Afterwards, when I hear the word “Rework” I immediately think of a Rework from A to Z.

Reworked talents and its ultimate. Of course, you have to keep some basic career ideas.

After, his basic ultimate… excuse me but it sucks. She’s supposed to be a Sister of Thorns… Not the peasant from the local vineyard. Everyone takes Razor, I really understand why.


Oleysa being Engel is confirmed. Sweet.

I wonder if the rest of it is a hint to future content.


Olyssia going to turn Javelins into Shadow-Daffodils and nerf the living t*ts out of it. We can but hope.

Surely U5 can’t fight Belakor. Even Archaon got his arse kicked by Belakor so that’s a mile out of the power level of the U5, even with SoTT.

Also erm nothing about weaves? I don’t like or play weaves, but if you do then it’s becoming clear the game mode is abandoned.

In closing, why can’t I just have Karak Azgaraz for twelve quid. I mean please. Have some demon (like Nurgloth) try and overrun it. Smash up the frozen waterfall or something. I really liked Karak Azgaraz.

Olesya running wild can be an excuse for more “illusion” maps…or so one can hope. And as for the weaves, well, in my personal opinion its been abundantly clear that they were abandoned very darn quickly.

It was so clear that they needed tons of help, urgently, from the time they were launched but that help never came. They are horribly unbalanced and matchmaking is crap with like 40+ maps being nothing but filler for those who play cata …or so i heard.

I havent actually played them seriously since i ran into the problems of nonexistent matchmaking and bugs that prevented solo progress if you were unlucky.

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I would like if they simply scrapped the weaves as is and reused the maps as a pool for quickplay+ or for side quests in CWs - stray from the path (or even get sidetracked randomly), get coins/minor random boon as reward.

Having said that, I really want (just) fixes for the deeds and the weekly event.

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That seems likely, but it would be nice to know if that was the case.

I’d better start working on a Plan B. You know, put out a few feelers for a backup base of operations.

Between that part and this message from Aqshy, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll get to revisit the Red Moon Inn.


It’s been a while since we had heard anything about Hedda, huh? By the way, any lore enthusiasts know if the Grudgebringers were confirmed to have fought in the Battle of Bozmin Spit?


“Still plenty of time for this tale to go sour.”
Poor Bardin, let’s hope Lohner’s wrong

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I wonder if this is building up to something.

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Snow you say?

Karak Azgaraz confirmed /s


I forgot to check for a new journal entry yesterday, but imagine my surprise when we get something that is not from Lohner at all! A new series to alternate between FLCs, or does this new chapter replace the insights we’ll be getting from now on? S’pose we’ll just have to wait for the coming weeks to find out.


Another from Olesya. Hope it’s okay to be posting these here.

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Absolutely. I mean, I considered stopping posting, because of the title, and because I probably won’t be able to keep it up over the summer, and there being Adelion’s other topic:

But As long as there’s activity here as well, a double topic can bring different discussions to the table, I think.

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