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I totally agree. And it has always been that way.
What remains true: This is Warhammer. Everything is possible in Warhammer, and even the characters change.

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The problem with necromancy in warhammer is that it´s Dhar magic, or corrupt magic if you will.

Then looking at the U5 we got :

Kruber : Watched all his army friends melt into necromantic goop, in vt1 he even noted a severe dislike for magic at all although he mellowed out towards Sienna and her fire later.

Saltz : Kills any form of dark magic user on sight and even normal magic users if they misbehave, his entire interaction with Sienna started with him taking her in for illegal fire magic use with a likely execution on hand.

Even if everyone else agreed, somehow, saltz would never.

Keri : Wood elf, absolutely completely and utterly detests any form of magic that isnt the “natural” type.

Bardin : The most neutral but is a dwarf, they hate corrupted stuff and distrust magic a lot.


Within very strict guidelines set by GW. Prior to game launch the Skaven got glowing green eyes and went into a frenzy when the Screaming Bell was toppled - you can even hear the odd left-over voiceline where “The ratmen have gone been driven to a frenzy!” and so on. GW put an immediate stop to it because Skaven have red eyes, so although anything might be possible, GW defending their vision and IP can - and does - put a hobnail orks boot through anything they don’t like so we’re at the mercy of what GW think Victor would do to NEcromancer Sienna, let alone a pi$$ed up Kruber.


There are so many psychology experts here. :smiley: They just don’t like the idea and try to justify their marasm.

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If anybody here is guilty of repeating the same argument over and over and over again regardless of counter-arguments and whatever else is said during the discussion, it’s you. This exact same discussion about a vampire or necromancer working with the Ü5 has been done on this forum for literally dozens of times, and not even one single time I’ve seen you reply anything other than the exact same repeated “BuT iN tHe EnD tImEs ThE eMpIrE wAs WorKinG wItH vAmpIRes BeCauSe tHeY hAd To sO the Ü5 wOulD gLadLy Do sO aS weLL!” argument.

Kruber and Saltz have a specific personal history that would complicate them accepting necromantic forces, even more so than the average imperial. At the time of Vermintide the End Times haven’t quite advanced so far that the Empire is forced to join up with the Undead so it makes no sense for the Ü5 to do so first. The Ü5 don’t even know they’re in the End Times and aren’t nearly desperate enough to join up with Undead. Sienna’s sister has been painted as nothing other than antagonistic so far so her suddenly becoming an ally is very unlikely. Switching from one wind of magic to another is impossible in the lore.

I’ve literally never seen you really adress any such arguments with anything other than restating the same rehashed and unchanged argument and a vague undeserved implication of superiority and disdain. “2 braincels”, indeed.

And your username is still spelled wrong as well.


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Hah, I see that you can’t exactly take it as well as you dish it out, especially for somebody so eager to start spouting personal attacks instead of making arguments. No big deal, but you might find that your life improves if you can find a way to deal with that fragile ego of yours.

Regardless, there’s still a difference between stating that you made arguments, and actually making arguments. Might be a bit difficult for you to understand since you seem to consider insults and vague implications of misplaced superiority an argument, however.

And I find it particulary funny that you keep riffing on other’s supposed lack of intelligence, imagination, and creativity while you apparently can’t even manage to come up with a username that doesn’t make you look like a dunce when confronted with a character limit of one letter over what you planned. My single lonely braincel thought of things like “Heinrich_v._Carstein”, “HeinrichVonCarstein”, or a thousand other ideas in a few seconds, but what you got now was the best you could come up with?! Talk about the Dunning-Kruger effect…


Oh lord, the thread got spicy.

I’m excited, this article is way too on the nose to be just lore things. Crossing fingers for a necromancer boss fight :crossed_fingers:


I’m still betting my favorite hat on a career for Sienna somehow tied to the Blazing Sun Chapterhouse. It would feel like a very natural continuation of her pledge to Myrmidia, which is already a fair bit of development for her original personality. Undead and necromancers will most probably be a part of a new enemy faction. No idea what they’ll do with Salt though.


Someone suggested here he could be a Knight of Morr, and I’m warming to the idea.

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Yeah me too

Skimmed the lore (basically clicked the first wiki link) on these boys and girls and it seems they also take a vow of silence. Yes they will speak in order to give out orders and make callouts but outside of immediate combat? It appears that they remain silent. The most extreme cases have been known to cut out their own tongues.

So with that said, how would the dialogue work with Salty? I can imagine the keep dialogue being like:

Kruber: So . . . Sir . . . about your new vocation . . .

Saltzpyre: . . .

Kruber: I mean it’s just bit of an extreme don’t you think? Never letting yourself have a gaff at anything!!

Saltzpyre: . . .

Kerillian: (Amused) Oh I don’t know about that Kruber, I see this as a much welcomed improvement!! The less I have to hear about you mayflies and your failing Empire, the better!

Kruber: Oi! You still going on about that Kerillian!? Haven’t I told you before for the la-

Bardin: (Reassuring) Not to worry Dawri!! A silent manling our Witch Hunter may have become but he’s still OUR good old Drengbarazzi!! Isn’t that right, Saltzpyre?

Saltzpyre: . . .

Sienna: (Conversing with Saltz as if he was responding) Saltzpyre, a Knight of Morr now are you? How are you feeling? Good today? Oh me? Glad you asked? Oh my hair? I’m so happy you noticed? I did have it done earlier today. Got to look presentable even on the battlefield when I’m roasting some ratties as you know. (And it goes on and on and Saltz just kinda has to stand there and take it even though he knows he hates it)

Saltzpyre: . . .

Tim Bentick’s got his work cut out for him if this is the case.


Anytime something like new enemies comes up I’m reminded of the sad reality of development economics. If they didn’t add a single new enemy for Chaos Wastes, they won’t add undead just for a small set of maps or a boss fight either. At best we might get resurrected pactsworn with a green effect or something. Anything proper would be sequel territory, unless Fatshark decides to surprise me…

In my thousands of hours of playing V2 I have only met TWO people that combined chat flaming and clearly intentional teamkilling, completely without provocation, and he is one of them. It’s no surprise that he’s also like this outside of the game. Don’t bother.


It’s possible they’ll add undead. It’s something that’s been on their list for quite a while, and while the investment won’t pay right now, it’s something they’ll have and they could use in the future (like in VT3). I’d certainly not rule it out.

I entertained the same opinion for a long time and thought of Vermintide as a trilogy, given the first game’s ending. There, the narrator mentions the Empire’s borders coming under assault from the skaven, the chaos warriors of the north and the living dead. However, given the way Verm2’s development branched out over time, I’m guessing the plan is to include everything here in whatever capacity is possible. Making a “sequel” to Verm2 that feels bigger and better would be a very daunting task given the sheer amount of content they’ve provided in the form of maps, weapons, game modes and careers.

In Darktide; there will be a lot of “zombies” (poxwalkers, to be exact).


“With the End Times approaching, Okri’s grown concerned that a number of long-held grudges might go unfulfilled. Accordingly, he’s taken the unusual step of asking the Ubersreik Five to settle accounts (as drengbarazi, they’re as near to being honourary dwarfs as makes no difference) for families wiped out by war.”

It’s great, Vermintide is alive. :rat:


Actual update for game mode we have? What madness is this? And even the additions suggested don’t sound too bad but obviously it will depend on the final implementation.

I hope they implement the inventory rework together with that or I might finish my inventory space.


So I guess we won’t see Victor as a Warrior Priest or Knight of Morr at the end of October?

Nurgloth tho

If they can reskin and animated Brappatime Hurlmage into a new better boss, they can reskin and animate a Fuegonasus boss.

Hegde said more is coming, we just have to be patient and see what that is. I bet a career is coming.

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