Franz Lohner's Chronicles

It’s very sad, in fact, if it’s just a joke. I would not mind buying another DLC with weapons or even just funny inventions … mechanical toys, for example.

After all, why would Clan Skryre at the End Times can create their Primaris Skavens - Stormfiends, but the Bardin - not?

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Sure is an interesting read this week.
The bird bomb part especially, lots of hinting, would be cool to see some of these ideas expanded on.

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A dlc with one weapon per character designed by our Dear Engineer himself? that would be really cool =)

How many Chaos Wastes locations have we got yet without a post?

Too much. I prefer Chronicles which tell us about Victor. And that after we given out his career. Far too long that I wait for it

As far as I remember:

So if I remember correctly, this would be four left without any information. Although it could be argued that some FLCs focus on the place itself (Pit of Reflection, The Forbidden Trail) while others focus on the person it is named after (Holseher’s Tower, Count Mordrek’s Fortress) so there might come more info on that.

Personally, I would like to hear a bit more about Bardin’s Daughter, Sienna’s Twin Sister/Estalia or about Kruber’s Bretonian Castle.

@FatsharkJulia Sorry, for the ping. But I would like to keep adding to the list in my other thread (didn’t want to bump it so here the link: Lore, Careers and Questions - Vermintide 2 / Vermintide 2 - Feedback - Fatshark Forums ( ) but lost the ability to do so two weeks ago. So either after six months or 30 edits, it was no longer possible. Can there be done something about that? Just so that I can keep all FLCs in one OP.


I’ve upped the “edit time limit”. You should now be able to edit your original post :slight_smile:


Thanks for the exhaustive answer.
Those aren’t my favorite FLC either, but I like having them nonetheless. As soon as every one has a lore page, I think i’ll organize another full expedition to the chaos wastes :smiley:
This bits of lore really help flesh things out. And thanks to you they are now all in one place.
BTW the last link is a duplicate.

Another new chronicle, another reference to the ongoing necromancer plot.


Random theory: Geheimnisnacht will be spectacular this year. We will either get the Undead faction as new enemies or at least a campaign leading up to the Undead as new enemies. Would fit within the lore of Geheimnisnacht and all the ties created in the last months by the FLCs. Would also tie in with the Geheimnisnacht event we had two(?) years ago.

I was leaning onto the hypothetical theory of an Undead faction being released for old maps alongside Saltz career. Then later down the line, the “Undead Arc/Necromancer Arc” gets completed in a possible new map alongside Sienna’s new career. Given the current references of a Necromancer point to it being tied to Sienna some way, especially given the mentions of Estalia and her twin sister.

Of course, no one knows what Fatshark is gonna do until they outright announce it. Geheimnisnact/Halloween would be a good time to release something and would be some-what close to Outcast Engineer’s release last year which was late November.

As awesome as that would be, I dont see that happening.
Most of Fs has been on vacation for the last 3 months leaving a skeleton crew behind.
But that would be very cool.


I can’t see i really liked this one. I just find it a bit hard to believe that Markus Kruber, footsoldier, somehow managed to find the time to coach a prominent football team. When and where would this exactly have taken place?
Kruber’s past has been fleshed out - left the farm, recruited in the reikland army, found himself at odds with his superiors, got “demoted” to serve in the Ostland, drilled his squad to perfection and fought brilliantly against beastmen there, then lost his entire squad to a necromancer, thought of leaving the army and joined saltzpyre to ubersreik. I can’t really see the football bit in it.

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It’s a teaser for Kruber being in Blood Bowl 3.


Bardin makes a steam helicopter to search for his daughter, and underway the team gets attacked by Sienna’s necromancer sister who allied her undead faction with the Pactsworn. This results in an expansion of at least 4 new maps culminating in a bossfight against the necromancer, Saltz’ new Warpriest of Sigmar career to smite the evil, and Sienna’s new Myrmydia-based career to defeat het sister and finish her personal story arc.

Then a new gamemode where you play middenball against the Pactsworn and a new weapon pack with 3 new shield weapons for every career in the game is released. And then I wake up and cry for the beautiful dream that never was real.


A new one. Someone needs to explain to Lohner what a wazoo is.

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“when the weather brightens, Markus has taken to sunbathing in the nuddy atop the tower” I want to believe

Oh good gawd.

This little story is very likely to spark things, i am not sure we are prepared :sweat_smile:

Everything was just fine and dandy until Bardin tried to bring back some of those weapons from the Pilgrim’s Trail. Didn’t work, of course.

I feel that there is an essentially veiled refusal to add illusions from the Сhaos Wastes to the collection of normal game. For example - Banishing Blade or OE another purple illusions… If so, it’s sad.

At the very least, this definitely means that the weapon traits from Pilgrimage will definitely not be transfered over to the regular game.

Also; maybe this means that the weather changes will return to the Taal’s Horn Keep in the next patch? Because for a long time in the Keep one and the same sunny evening.

(although of course I would like more different weather on all maps).

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