FoW isn't available in modded realm after patch 4.2.2

I can open FoW in official realm, but FoW isn’t available in modded realm.

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It looks like you didn’t get the runes from the Back to Ubersreik maps

I said ‘I can open FoW in official realm’.

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And there it does look like you have the runes from the Back to Ubersreik maps

Yes, this is weird.

I’ve never really player on modded, were you able to play FoW before ? Was the progress between realms shared ?

Yes, it’s shared. I have played 4,700+ hours in VT2 and cleared whole Okri’s challenges.
For testing something with creature spawner, I used to play FoW as test map in modded realm. If you still doubt me, stop asking me and turn VT2 modded realm on and try it.


I’m not doubting you in any way : I didn’t know, I told you I don’t use the modded realm.
I did hop on it and I couldn’t access FoW either.

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I’m having the same issue.
My best theory is that by disabling Okri’s challenges for modded (due to a new crash) they actually disabled the progression too, so this means the game doesn’t have the info that you’ve unlocked FoW.

My best advice for now is to open portal with needed difficulty and just spawn stuff in lobby. IIRC when you open portal it changes lobby difficulty to be the same.


Might be related to the “steam achievements in modded” fix

Okay, I was so sensitive. Sorry about that.

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I’m good to know that it happens to not only me but also others too.
Yes, I agree about your theory and advice. Thank you :smiley:

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