FoW Battle Wizard Scaffolding Glitch

Warhammer - Vermintide 2: Bug - FoW Battle Wizard Scaffolding Glitch

Video Description - Regardless of which ult is used the final result can be replicated with little effort. Should you be the last person standing during an actual FoW run, and get stuck up there, then it is game over.

Can take a few tries to get stuck but it can be done far too easily for it to be dismissed as a one time bug. Although you can’t see me actually struggling but you can press all the buttons you want but getting unstuck by yourself is only possible by overcharging, a.k.a. killing yourself.

Further testing, which I have just thought of but didn’t include in the video, reveal more details. First of all, enemies cannot detect the player if stuck up in the scaffolding. This is true for melee, ranged, special, elite, monster and normal enemies. Everything just stands still, except for assassins which run around like headless chickens. Teammates can help with the unsticking(that’s a word now) process by bringing a monster to the scaffolding and have the boss swing in the stuck player’s general direction. Only hits that, if blocked, send the player flying will work. An example of this would the Minotaur’s headbutt. The rest I haven’t tried but I assume it follows a similar trend, as long the monster is actually capable of hitting that high with the necessary attack.

There’s a similar spot at the other scaffolding to the left which can also be exploited. The last time I checked, like two months ago, there were (at least) two locations to get out of bounds.

Unless those things are made public on Youtube or whatever they won’t get patched. FoW has ever been a joke really considering its exploitability.

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I am aware of that one but even if it is an exploit it won’t screw with general gameplay because you can’t get to it accidentally. And that’s the point here. Teleporting away from something and suddenly I am screwed because of some glitch.

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