Fortunes of War FPS

I really like this map and the mission. My problem with this is all the visual effects and enemies spawning etc. The rain and the lightning especially. Normally on any other map, I have around 30-50 fps because I have a potato. On Fortunes of War, I get 15-20 fps almost always as soon as the waves begin. The lowest was 7 fps for a few seconds. This makes the map just frustrating to play for me because otherwise I really like the map.

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I dont get any such issues, performance wise. I dont have a super high end rig. In the beginning when big hordes used to come i had issues but i was running stock 2.7GHz on a skylake 6th gen I7. 16gg regular memory. I have a very unique rig. Its a 3rd gen alienware laptop hooked up to a performance accelarator separate video card unit with a desktop 1080Ti in it. I had some shakyness and stuttering during hordes. When i oc’d the CPU to 4Ghz it runs stable but no longer have any stutter. My rig spits out massive hordes and stupidity when i host. I guess the game is CPU intensive so I am sure the OC fixed the bottleneck. I believe also works less harder because a lot of heat is diverted away from it due to diversion to the amp… so internal 980M card is not even used. This is really unique to alienware laptops though. Obvious fact just on the internal card game is still playable but all cranked really really low and dropped resolution.

Feels beastly. With the new update i have noticed some optimizing issues periodically but no major issues in most high intensive situations on my setup. I use this mostly also for VR gaming

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