Forgotten weapons pack

Is the price tag really necessary? I mean the DLC was extremely passed due, I just think it’s a little greasy to remove something that should have been part of the FLC and without a doubt probably was until someone saw $.

Bruh. They release a whole new mode for free then you complain when they put a $6 price tag on a neat little weapon pack. And all this for a game with a base price of $30.

I dunno what your idea of good value is but personally I was ready and more than happy to spend $15 on Chaos Wastes + the new weapons then the expansion was released for free and I only had to spend 6 bucks for the weapons. That’s pog and I don’t know what planet you live on if you think it isn’t.


People will always find a way to complain even when they receive stuff for free. It’s an optional DLC that doesnt lock any content behind except weapons. They were working for a year on this DLC, gave it basicly for free and u dont want them to make money ? Everyone speculated new DLC would cost around 20$ and we got it for free… If u don’t want to spend 5$ for weapons then dont do it. Its optional, its there to support developers so that they can support the game for next years.

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