Forgotten relics weapons breakpoints

Hi there, does anybody got breakpoints for the forgotten relics weapon ?

Or if the calc on reddit is the main ressource y’all use, how long does it usually take to test new breakpoints ?

Thanks in advance

Modded realm creature spawner would probably be the easiest way to test. I’ve seen people say Moonfire half charge body shots all specials on Cata without investment but can’t confirm if true and don’t really know any other break points.

I seem to remember from doing some Coruscation testing that on Pyro with no to minimal investment crit primary fire would body shot Cata SV. I was close range but no idea how many pellets have to hit. Would presumably body shot most/all specials on Cata from close range with a crit.

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I can tell you a bit less than 30% investment on the coghammer allows you to oneshot SVs on headshot. (20% and enhanced power works, for example). 10% against Chaos allows a torpedo to oneshot a CW.

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