Force Sword special should let you hold and charge like staff right click

The force sword special charge hit f*cks. But it also sucks.

It f*cks for one reason:

  • it hits hard, if it hits

But it sucks for lots of reasons:

  • it winds up way too slow
  • it doesn’t stay charged for long enough to use tactically
  • it costs peril (and therefore stops peril decay)
  • it only gives you a single hit

I suggest changing it to charge with button-hold like a staff and have the following effects (possibly on different models of the sword for interesting choices):

  • multiple hits
  • harder hits
  • more impacty hits
  • longer time before passive discharge
  • variable peril use based on how long you charge
  • visible difference in charge level in animation

It could be continuous or stepped levels of charge, although with the way the game is generally balanced (no random variance in damage), it is likely to fit in more at a stepped charge.

Just another thing to make the game more interesting with a little input from the devs

Naw, the current Force Sword serves its purpose as it should… It has the highest single target DPS of all melee weapon on certain enemies.

What they should make is a cleave version, it obviously should do less overall head pop damage, but it should be able to cleave through multiple enemies - like the power sword.