Force sword nerf from the minority of psykers

Awesome, thanks !

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it’s worrying that a weapon has a mandatory perk.

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I didnt mind the peril buildup at all, I liked being able to use my melee to reliably build up peril while fighting so that i could heal myself with the talent that gains toughness from peril drain

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Thanks for reading what i had to say, i appreciate it. I think we’re more on the same page than we realise tbh, the way you describe your frustration is pretty much how i feel, having had something to build a playstyle around then having it changed. I guess there’s no work around for this since this forum is the first point of contact for FS and how Darktide is being received by players. Although its wise to keep in mind FS specifically asked for feedback so they could make as many reasonable and appropriate changes, fixes, and updates to the game prior to launch as possible. I assume this is due to them not wanting to delay the game a second time. I understand the possibility of the player base being somewhat divided whenever changes do happen though, but i’m sure there’s many more to come, some that i might even disagree with.

I would encourage you to continue to make your case though, since a diversity of thought on here would only lead to better discussions and more reasonable outcomes for FS to implement. I do think it is a shame though that having the sword reverted slightly back to what is was is annoying for some who enjoyed the danger of it, yet i do think that this change will benefit more players in the long run. It wasn’t so much the peril cost for the follow-up push, which i use frequently and have no issues with, it was the fact that both pushes cost peril. For people like me who use both, the staff heavily, and BB regularly it was a bit tedious and frequently forced a playstyle i didn’t want to really have, knowing what i had prior. For me the added difficulty was unnecessary and personally, it didn’t add much for me other than to nerf how i play the game. Having to unlearn muscle memory reflexes proved to be the most difficult thing about the change.

I agree lore-wise it fit the Psyker like a glove, but i feel we have to be generous in this regard since lore-wise a beast of nurgle would kill every strike team, most likely why the typically 40k game centres around Astartes not rejects. From where i see things, this is the best time for FS to be making these changes, i don’t think having a game go live then making changes like this is very smart, after all this is what a beta period is for.

I also agree that there should be more room for alternative playstyles, for example, i’d like to see more talents that reward a high peril playstyle (e.g., better toughness regen when at high peril), and for the force sword special to allow us to gain a warp charge on kill since it uses - in a way - the same warp energy that BB uses. Restricting us to either only using BB or Psychic Communion to gain warp charges is fine but would be nice to not have to rely on BB or pick a talent that at times doesn’t deliver more than 2 warp charges per horde cleared. Playing Psyker sometimes can feel a bit unappealing when the veteran can deal with elites somewhat better than you can, additionally having warp charges be a bit awkward to gain and keep. If you don’t use Psychic Communion then BB is the only other option and that can be a bit tense on T4-5.

Perhaps this issue could be resolved if, like the staves, we had a wider variety of force swords to choose from with their own effects. Some with increased damage, greater force push (peril for both pushes), flame/lightning attacks, etc. Since this is a beta period and so much is subject to change, i’m hopeful that at the end of it we’ll have a better game come launch than we would of had, had we not come on here and discussed issues and concerns.

Ultimately, the Psyker is great, i want it to be better, definitely don’t want it to be OP because that would be fun for a couple of missions then get boring quickly. Which is why i don’t mind having the peril cost on the follow-up push, since the push is quite strong. I do think both our playstyles should be possible, totally understand your concern and its valid. But when i saw Psykers not using the force sword i always thought they were missing out on a really important part of their kit, and i can only assume it was due to the peril cost. The update changed that though, i’m starting to see more Psykers using their force sword, and for me personally i wouldn’t want to play in any other way without the force weapon combo.

Not a fan of the charged sword being stuck to one enemy for its duration, I get for the chainsword thats a risk reward thing, but I want to use that to keep peril high for the melee feats, except that sticky hit makes it require spamming pushblock for 4% at a time

Yeah, every point here I agree with. I was hoping for more avenues to give warp charges, mainly in the form of staves. Even if it was elite kills on chain sword load up too, something outside of requiring traits or BB would be a rather nice change. I don’t feel Psyker is weak in the slightest, but Bolter gun just overperforms a bit. I rather hate the playstyle of mainly using BB, so I typically prefer having decent teammates that can kill specials with me (albeit BB playstyle is way safer). It’s weird they didn’t do more Force Sword variations considering like every weapon seems to have 3 variations with 1 usually being quite superior to the other 2. Force sword could then have 2 niche branches with Stamina or peril too.

Definitely agree that we need more to add flair with risk/reward. The force sword was one of the few that existed which is why many loved it in the peril version. If we had more avenues to push peril then I don’t think it would have been as big of an issue at least for me personally. Peril just feels far too easy to manage for how dangerous it’s supposed to be. Before the change though it felt really bad since the venting was worse than letting it drain naturally. Right now it definitely feels good since it’s more fluid, but we need something more to make it intoxicating being at critical peril. Or at least incentivizing using more peril outside of just doing safety behind comrades and BB’ing/certain staves.

Perhaps in the future there will be more types of Psykers and that’s why this one is mainly based off BB, but it just feels a little lacking currently since there are no other avenues for us. I don’t agree with making balance changes before going live a week before launch since that’s what the earlier betas were for, typically any tests right before launches are for hardware/server issues only. There’s good reasons for that too which I could list if really needed, but there’s easy to read posts already online from reddit and other websites from more experienced devs/players than myself.

I haven’t verified this but i’ve read on here in a couple posts that FS are planning on releasing a new sub-class every quarter, could be bollocks though. I think Psyker is definitely weaker in melee than it was before but its getting better, the difference now though isn’t huge its small but noticeable. If you can dodge-weave attacks and use push properly then you should be fine. Wasn’t just the peril thing, you used to have a decent cleave attack on it which was changed, i get why cos it did used to be quite OP.

In regard to what Psyker can do in its current state overall it’s pretty strong, just squishy wish is fine. I think the toughness regen could do with some love though. Yeah its quite strange they gave us really interesting staves but a single force sword that FS can’t really decide what they want to do with. Definitely support them adding more variety instead of trying to cram so much into a single weapon.

When you hit 100 peril you have a couple of seconds to quell it, not sure if they’ll change this in the future since atm you can BB up to 100, quell below 90, and cycle over and over. The main danger for me comes when using the weapons especially the staves but i rarely explode now. They could add slower movement, increase dmg, and add a bleed drain on health when at 95-100, something like that but not sure if that would be such a good idea haha. Would make getting that high a peril level actually interesting.

That could be true, not completely sure that’s what FS intended this beta for exclusively, you mentioned the Bolter is overperforming a bit, if FS balanced it during this beta would you disagree with that? I guess to my mind it makes sense to make small changes like this, but then again i’m not a dev could be valid enough reasons not to i’m just not aware of any. I wouldn’t want the whole game to be restructured and rebalanced though think that would be too much. Small changes here and there i think is fine.

I wouldnt agree with balancing the bolter right now and no matter the balancing things will always overperform over others. In that case it doesnt matter if they wait a couple weeks for more information on what to change. Right now we are still missing a large amount of players that are waiting until release. If they are following streamers or forums, many of them may have found thongs they were excited for that gets changed before they get the chance to try it themselves.

I was a bit sad with the staff selection, all are rehashes of Sienna staves with only the electric one being new. That staff is also bugged with no safety net at critical peril like the others have. I know that they wanted to keep it feeling somewhat familliar, but it would have been nice for more toys. In some ways the guns are more interesting if you had already played hundreds of hours of Sienna.

It does suck only getting that 1 force sword, when I saw the staves had a special, I was hoping there would be a force battle staff or something. Maybe I would be in the minority on that, but it could have been cool as a melee with the special being a slam to the ground shockwaving mobs back or something. Idk, more melee weapons with peril use would be good imo, even if they just needed 2 versions for stamina and peril.

Overall i do believe we both want the same with variety and weapon choices. Just sucks having what you enjoy taken away.

True, there’ll always be the overperforming gear no matter the updates or patches. That would be cool to have for sure, could be a bolter battle staff psyker, hopefully the sub classes will at a bit of flavour eventually. Have you watched Astartes? One of the psyker twins has a rod that can create shockwaves, so a battle staff type weapon could in all fairness be lore friendly too.

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I have not watched that, but it sounds badass. Was kind of surprised the Bolt staff from V2 wasn’t brought here over a couple of the others. I’ll wait for a few months to see what they do with the class, overall I love it, but sure there are a few things that would be nice to haves (like more to do with peril). Was surprised they didn’t keep the increased crit chance at high peril mechanic, I feel that would add to the flair of staying high in risk/reward. That felt good on Sienna playing the pyromancer with crit builds. Even if it was just increased damage for high peril (outside of that feat that feels kinda bad imo).

This may sound dumb but as a player who used both force sword and staff, that push made up for other areas where CC was important and keeping my force high without spending literally 30 for the sword special. The push was part of how I kept the peril for force weapons feat churning while also having to keep an eye on my peril and control it. I dislike the change greatly in regards to that style of gameplay.

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It is very badass, great showcase of the potential 40K has when animated correctly. The psyker twins also have psy-shields around them, would be cool to see that in darktide too. Or, even give the psyker some psy-weapons that use the warp and require peril when shot, 40k lore means there’s so much that can be done with the psyker. Yeah agreed, i know the one i’m sure its called psykinetics wrath, i’ve tested it and it doesn’t do much at all, helps a bit but feels underwhelming, needs tweaked a bit, adding crit to it as well would be a good start.

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There’s still a peril cost on the follow-up push, it’s what i use if i’m in melee and i want to float at 80+ for the dmg buff, if i’m too high i use the first push, weaker but safer. The change didn’t make this impossible, there’s simply an extra, more powerful step.

Ah very cool, thanks for the info!

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I’ve been testing a bit in the training area and that trait for some reason only ever seems to give the minimum 5% no matter what peril stage you are at for the force sword. Might be why it doesn’t feel that great, hopefully that gets some looking into. BB also doesn’t seem to be effected by it at all, not even the 5%, no matter if I have the trait on or not I hit 1100 with BB and it doesn’t matter the peril level. All tests on the reaper just for ease of hp pool. Staves have been hard to test since their damage kind changes each hit, at least the ones I have.

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I did some testing today, and you can recast the force sword at 99% peril without dying, no quell required, you can pretty much keep peril at 100%. Not sure if people were worried about this, but essentially special → attack → special etc.

Yeah i noticed the increase was quite pitiful, better than nothing but definitely not what we’re told we’re getting with the trait. Didn’t test BB, not surprised its unaffected by the talent, wonder if warp charges have something to do with it. I’m hoping this is a thing exclusively with this beta and is working properly when things go live and they add more to the game. If FS update the game again and it isn’t fixed i might see if someone has mentioned it here already or make a thread about it, hopefully FS are aware and it’ll get sorted out before launch. The dmg from staves is bonkers i stopped trying to figure out how its influenced days ago, seems completely random.

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