Force/Power/Chain-weapons need to be much more powerful than a shovel, please

Making Force-weapons, Power-weapons, Chain-weapons, Plasmagun more powerful but with a drawback, like not being able to bring 3 Curios.

Or making all curios temporarily less effective as long as the player chooses to equip a more powerful weapon instead of a humbler weapon.
(e.g. bring all equipped curios effectiveness down to 75% instead of 100% of what it says if bring an extra-powerful weapon, and down to 50% if bring 2 extra-powerful weapons)

Alternatively just straight up giving a loss of Health/Toughness/Toughness-Regeneration because of carrying an extra-powerful weapon.
(And/or significantly increase cooldown of special ability (F).)

There is so much potential to make force weapons really cool with magical effects (sounds+visuals+power) with every swing (with e.g. a cost of 2-7 peril each swing (and e.g. 40 peril with a very powerful special melee force-attack)).
Power-weapons should be able to be powered on continously for a long time,
and chain-swords should feel and sound really powerful also with their regular attacks also I feel!

This doesn’t need to be OP if there is a drawback like getting lower toughness/health.

Alternatively, bringing a more powerful weapon will attract additional enemies to shoot at the players carrying extra-powerful weapons.
(I think there is a mechanism in the game that limits the maximum number of enemies that will shoot at the same player at any given time. Bringing extra-powerful weapons could raise that bar for that player as a consequence.)
So something like a higher threat stat.
Could also make snipers aim quicker against the players who carry the more powerful weapons, being spotted quicker when carrying a more powerful weapon.

If adjusting it this way, it will not be unrealistic in the sense that for unknown reasons they have lower hp/toughness,
no, they are actually just as tough as others, but still,
get penalty to their health indirectly because they are being shot at quicker/more because seen as a higher more noticeable threat by the enemy, ( chain-weapons are noisy, and force/power-weapons have visual effects)

Or, a drawback that they just aren’t carrying as many curios (or as effective curios) as the players with humbler weapons.

My point is that Force-weapons, Power-weapons, Chain-weapons, Plasmagun,
should feel powerful, and shouldn’t be designed to be lame in some way.
These weapons should be powerful and impressive, not lame.
It doesn’t have to become OP because could affect the player with a high threat stat being shot quicker/more by the enemies.
Or giving penalties to curios for bringing powerful weapons could be one way to balance gameplay. Or/And increase cooldown of special ability (F).
But Force/Power/Chain-weapons need to be much more powerful than a shovel, please.

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One of the hurdles with weapons being too powerful in their base states is they can really run away into deeply overpowered territory with good blessings and complementing career traits. I understand where people are coming from with these requests, but I’ve seen some godly powerful chain weapons and some really excellent plasma guns when they get high ranked blessings.


Unfortunately they created a system where any given weapon only balances against the other options for that slot, so you can’t have more powerful weapons that impose some other downside on the character, or weaker weapons that allow you to gain an advantage elsewhere.

Ah, I see,
I guess that there is still hope then for future classes that could have access to some really impressive class-specific weapons, but that such class has downside(s) and/or lack certain advantage(s) that makes it not OP even though having great impressive weapons.

Yea, theoretically. Alternatively they could rebalance the game and add some stats to weapons that apply when you aren’t holding them in your hand, that way it becomes possible to have a weapon that is weaker on the attack than let’s say a power sword, but still has a reason to be fielded.

For example, they could add a blessing to pistols called “Sword and Pistol” that gives a passive 10-15% power boost to swords when you’re not holding the pistol. That way in order to have the most powerful possible sword you have to wield a pistol alongside it. Then it would be justified if pistols weren’t every bit as strong as a bolter.

Or they could give a blessing to Shovels called “Dug in” where simply for having the shovel equipped you start regenerating toughness whenever you crouch and aren’t moving. Suddenly there is a really good reason to equip a shovel that doesn’t necessarily come down to the shovel being the most powerful ever melee weapon, it just makes your character tankier when fighting from cover.

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