For those of us with bad internet and hate EAC

and who haven’t played since launch cause EAC won’t work offline. I I’ll admit I cheated in VT1. By myself. alone. Because I have terrible wifi. So I played 1 by myself. and now I want to play the “new” one. But items don’t save if you can’t connect. Cause you might cheat. And I probably would. But I wouldn’t affect anyone else. I can’t. Can’t even connect for long. So if Fatshark wants me to get dlc, I’d have to be able to play alone. Like with an account that can make progress but not play online? Or 2 save slots? One for offline and one for online when I use public wifi? Cause I want to play again. I really to.


Have you tried touch internet router program?
I experienced similar things since balance beta
cant connect other’s, other can’t connect me, even if i or they connect, experience extreme lags
So i couldnt play vermintide 2 as miltiplayer game and it was only vt2 only that i have this problem (test all other multiplayer games and it seems coding on vt2 is rather diffeerent or really bad)

I solved this by changing main router as twin bridge
I saw interent writings that twin bridge makes security extremly weak but there is no other option to play vt 2

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