For Linux player

Hello ! If you are to Linux I will give some advice for up your FPS same for player Windows and screen 1080p.
Disable overlay steam,activate shader pre-caching to steam,use proton experimental(bleeding-edge) I think proton-ge 7.41 is same,enable Nvidia DSS or FSR for AMD to balanced with all low setting, if you are to 1920x1080p go from 1600x900 with windowed.
The game should feel better in FPS.
Hopefully will help you.
Proton is for Linux player !

What average FPS are you able to get under proton? I get FPS drops to under 40 on windows with a lot of settings turned off like ray tracing, and I’m on a RTX3080, so I didn’t even try it on linux.

really instable 40-20 FPS.
depend the map,number eneny,etc.
I have RTX 3050.

the game is more stable from the new update. the game has 47-25 FPS. The game manages to stay on 30 fps most of the time even against hordes.
New update has better performance.

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Have you tried editing the graphic settings config file? I think there are things like particle effects that are maxed out by default and they are not in the UI graphic settings.

the user_settings.config ? No I dont tried it.
I am going modif it.