Footknight new talents feedback

I’m a big footknight fan, he’s been my most played career even when he kinda sucked because I just love the feel of the character, so i think im in a decent place to give feedback:

Stagger Cooldown Decrease
This is fantastic when paired with something like the mace and shield, when you’re keeping the buff up near-constantly you really feel the power of the whole team skyrocket.

Its unique and adds a great deal of value to the career. 11/10 good job.

Damage Soak
I’m a little sad to see Krubers power amp go, but I love the theme of this talent.

My biggest gripe is that its really hard to notice when it procs, I think it needs a distinct audio cue for both kruber and his ally.

If this talent doesnt stay I have an alternative risk/reward talent to replace his aura:

X% (50?) of THP gained by Kruber is transfered to the nearest injured ally. Kruber is no longer affected by his own aura.

Still rewards foot knights who dont need to rely on damage resistance, and lowers your own personal THP gain making you even more vulnerable. For FootKnights who have really good defensive game this would let you carry teammates hard as well as buff up someone you just revived.

Charge reset when ally is incapacitated
Looked meh on paper, but ‘incapacitated’ also including allies (and yourself!) being grabbed makes this godlike. you can spam charge without worrying about needing it for a save.

Now i’ve used it a bunch im worried that it actually overshadows the other talents on the row, its a defining talent that lets you save game-losing scenarios. Wheras “thats bloody teamwork” is barely noticable ingame and Counter-Punch isnt all that valuable since FK has buckets of stamina and stagger anyway

I dont want to see this one nerfed, this talent row has always been mediocre and i’d like to see the other options get a bit more oomph.

Wide charge
Sounds good, but I havent found it all that useful. Charge is best used at short range, this talent enables and encourages deep dives that really arent all that useful. If you want to do deep charges then the invulnerability enables that far better. Being able to pass through armoured elites is nice for saves, but it does not compare to the attackspeed boost.

The attack speed boost charge is near-essential for FK to make up for his lack of damage boosting talents, Wide Charge would need to be much stronger to compete.

an alternative idea:
Lead by Example
When Kruber charges he provides 10% movespeed and X%(?) stagger power to himself and his team. (meybe scales based on targets hit)

This leans into the ‘pure support’ build by buffing his team, boosting his ability to CC and further enhancing his already great mobility. The additional stagger would also synergise well with ‘Stagger Cooldown Decrease’ to allow a feedback loop.


I agree with you about both “Stagger Cooldown Decrease” talent and “Charge reset when ally is incapacitated” talent… they are a good add! FK gives his best when he can “spam” the ult… not when he has to preserve it for a possible dying companion.

I agree too about Counter-punch and That’s Bloody Teamwork… both need a rework/buff.

About Damage Soak… I have to evaluate. In theory could be sweet… but it needs some tuning. I don’t like it… and I don’t like that removes the aura.

Our impressions are a little bit different about new Charge… I love it. Don’t get me wrong, you are right: you can get greedy, do a deep dive and remain stuck among enemies… but I love it also for this reason. New Charge brings positive and negative sides… because, in certain circumstances, make a “deep dive” is very good.

I think it’s easy to like but also hard to embrace. Main issue being that it’s only a safety net for bad teammates.
I can also imagine pairing a FK running this talent with a Zealot for some epic synergy :slight_smile:

I dont mind being a safety net for bad teammates, its fun carrying a team!

I havent tested yet, but it should have pretty great synergy with sienna too as you should be able to soak up venting damage.

If you don’t want to dig deep, you can always cancel the charge early by blocking. This way you won’t stagger as many, of course, but you won’t be stuck in the middle of a horde or patrol.

It is hilarious so send a whole patrol flying, but it’s not always useful compared to just knock the first three or four and still be on the right side of the patrol.

Also for this it’s a good change, you can choose, you have to ponder and try to take the right decision.

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