Footknight Halberd Bugged Since 2.0

I played like 50+ hours of FK with Halberd in beta and it was great, since 2.0 patch … it’s just unplayable, not because of broken temp HP talents but mainly because the Halberd animations are broken.

It is completely all over the place and sometimes just gets stuck + on top of that sometimes I even mess up push attacks, which never happened to me before… and it’s extremely unpleasant to play with it, I really don’t want to fire up adobe premiere, count frames and do all the editing to show it, because imo it’s very obvious just on normal recording if someone looks carefully.

Attacking with halberd post 2.0. :

Please, can this gets fixed ?

This wasn’t happening before, not in 1.6, not in any of beta versions, it started with 2.0 and I couldn’t play Halberd since then because of this bug. Did one Cata run and was so irritated that I would never touch it again.


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