Foot Knight Ult Cooldown Bug? 3 Ultimates in 30 seconds


The ult cooldown of the footknight seems to randomly go down a lot faster than it should/even jump down immediately after using it. The Video shows two following instances of this bug. No talent/trait was used that affects cooldown in any way. I was able to fully use my ult 3 times in under 30 seconds.

This appears to be a bug, right? I witnessed this in a lot of my games in the last month and now could capture it finally. This happens regularly therefor, but I am not sure if it is a beta bug or on live as well.

Receiving damage refills your Ultimate charge.


Not a bug. You get cool down reduction from attacking and taking damage and you got hit a lot.

Where is this stated? I didn’t find anything about that written anyhwere?

The DLC user manual with everything Fatshark doesn’t tell you, top 10 tips and tricks to up your Vermintide experience.

There might be a loading screen tooltip or something, but the game doesn’t tell you about certain mechanics. It is pretty self-evident though, just pick any career and test it out.

2 Likes just found something about it. Holy sh*t I played this game for 180h and I did not know that. Also I only ever noticed it on the foot knight. Guess I take a LOT more damage on him than on other careers. Thanks a lot for clarifying this for me!

I guess I can’t close it but it is solved

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Yeah there’s A LOT of stuff in this game that you just aren’t told about and you’ll have to utilize community resources to understand

it’s not even niche stuff where this is the case, more often than not you’ll be finding yourself deferring to community made resources/player knowledge to understand the basic mechanics of the game. It’s kind of a problem, especially for new players. Hence why I suggested some sort of in-game manual to work with a while back in this balance beta :sun_with_face:

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