Fixing Talent Descriptions

So with the beta ending and going live very soon, could we please use this opportunity to fix a bunch of talent descriptions? The number of talents that outright lie and tell you they give power when they actually just give damage is extremely misleading. Seems like it’d be a pretty simple fix?


I would be happy with in-game descriptions for some talents at all actually.

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There’s a general lack of information in the game, not only talents with poorly worded (or outright missing info) descriptions, but with everything related to your character.

Is it that hard to have a simple character screen to tell me my stats? I can do 5+5+10 sure, but I’d rather have a place where I can check i have indeed 20% crit chance, along with my cdr, my stamina regeneration, etc.

I agree talents not being accurate is one of the worst, no one should be required to google what a talent actually does.

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