Fixes that need to be addressed quickly

  1. The loot progression system, especially at max level seems very stagnant, especially with the MAJORITY of higher quality items exclusively being from the weekly shop, this really halts any desire to play, when for example, I have found 0 curious with +wounds, which makes harder difficulties significantly less punishing. THIS IS A PRIO people not having access to weapon types they like and also the layers of RNG baked into the system are very bad for keeping engagement. Not ONLY do we need. to
  • find a weapon we like in rotation
  • make sure it is the right variant
  • make sure its got a high possible stat roll
  • make sure the stats are good
  • make sure the stats are rolled high, since high possible rolls =/= good rolls
  • have the currency on hand to purchase while its available
  1. Enemies shooting through walls, it happens fairly infrequently but getting 1 shot by snipers through pillars gets old really fast.

  2. Pox bursters have way too much HP, especially since they often times spawn very close to you, these should go down with 1-2 hits, even on higher difficulties.

  3. Coherency is too small of a range, the core concept here is great, but most zealots are forced into playing a gimped sharpshooter for the vast majority of fights on Heresy and Damnation. Additionally, the range req is so close it makes either the sharpshooter, or the melee (ogyrn / zealot) feel pointless at times.

  4. Dogs have really weird hit boxes that may need to be addressed, I often see myself or other side dodge them (as you would an assassin.) only to have a delayed and weird animation of them mounting you occur moments later after they have visibly missed.

  5. Rezzing is in a really weird spot, on higher difficulties it seems like a single enemy with an autogun with prevent a rez, so chances are if you get downed, you are dead. This may need a little tweaking.

On the same topic, due to how important of a roll consistency plays on harder difficulties there should probably be some buff to counter being the last man standing, without any sort last man buff, the clutch factor is gone, since 1-2 shots will instantly shred your toughness and it cannot regenerate when you have no allies (unless you have enemies in range to melee, which is generally unlikely if you are trying to progress alone)