[FIXED] 'Free Shots' Talent Crashing Game

Upon getting the third stack of Free Shots for Huntsman, the game immediately crashes to desktop. Happens on test dummy and in a mission.
No mods enabled.


Fixed in Patch 9


Edit - Nevermind, it is indeed Free Shots that is crashing the game.

Yeah cool, a client with this talent can crash the hosts game. They somehow broke this talent when it worked fine last patch.


Can confirm, crashes as soon as the third shot hits.

I also crashed when playing with this talent, but the huntsman was a client and not the host.

Here’s the error the crash log gave me

GUID: 03afad80-d826-4816-8779-41da6994ec7d
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …_extensions/default_player_unit/buffs/buff_extension.lua:181: attempt to call local ‘on_max_stacks_func’ (a string value)

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