[Fixed] Cant install the dlc (Back to Ubersreik)

  1. I bought the dlc and downloaded it. Then the game keeps going through a cycle of validating game files. I did not even start the validation, its doing it on its own.

  2. When the validation finishes it leads to an error message: corrupt content files - corrupt%20content%20dlc%20vt%202

  3. When i try to look manually for the corrupt file patch_010 something, its not there in my game folder. This leads me to think that the file its trying to download is corrupted.

  4. The game tries to validate files again and the cycle continues from step 1.

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Unfortunately Steam’s content delivery does this sometimes, and in our experience the only reliable solution is to completely reinstall Vermintide 2, which I appreciate is less than ideal. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Is there a failsafe way of protecting current progress and existing save game files?

I have NOT downloaded the DLC yet exactly for this reason, everybody else can playtest it for me so I know what the issues are. I don’t want to download this and lose all my progress and saved games.

Any instructions on how to protect my saved game from corruption prior to installing the DLC?


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Progress is saved on our side. You don’t need to worry about losing any of your progress.

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Cool, sorry a friend downloaded it and was freaking out that they had to reinstall the whole game again. All good. Just the risk is that users need to install the whole shebang again because Steam content delivery sucks

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I managed to get it working by doing:

  1. freed up some space on my game drive, apparently only 900mb was left. However steam would say if there wasnt enough space for dlc install wouldnt it? I definitely managed to download the 7gb before i got stuck in the validate files loop.

  2. I cleared my steam download cache as described in this link: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2274-IFLV-5334

After doing the above and restarting steam, the game redownloaded the 7gb update but still it wouldnt let me play. Even though it said ready to play it kept popping up a message that i had to install “Steam common redistributables”.
I then quit steam and started it again, and then the game started up and i could play.

Pleased to hear you worked it out without having to do a complete reinstall, I’ll bear this in mind for other players that might experience the same. :slight_smile:

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