Fix for players visually gaining more levels than they should

Fixed a visual bug where it looks like you gain extra levels quicker than you actually do.

Who exactly is this fix supposed to help with?So far all I’ve seen is players getting disgruntled for losing hundreds of levels but atleast they’re leveled over 35.Then there’s people who just leveled up to 35,logged in today and saw that their level dropped to below 35.What?

This was a harmless “bug” that didnt need fixing


The wording says that is was a visual bug. There should be no change in the actual levels they have. Noone should have dropped below 35 by this or even lose hundreds levels. Also, looking at the Steam Forum I see noone complaining about lost level ups. Are you sure this is real?

And if yes, maybe that is just another bug - related or unrelated to this fix.

Stream chat,not forums

Well, then it should drip into the forums at one point. Rather sooner than later.

like right now? :^)


Interesting. I just checked and I clearly lost a bunch of levels across the board. Salt for example was 176 or 177 I think and now he’s down to 152, Sienna was at about 550 and is now at 502 and so on. Not that it matters for me, but odd that it happened. Maybe somehow related to past bonus xp events?


According to a dev reply in the steam forums, the experience required to earn a prestige level has been adjusted, so my understanding is that the new total would amount to fewer levels.

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Okay, developer confirmation: Progressing reversed? :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Helmgart Keep - General Discussions (

It is weird though. I don’t care if I have +200 or +100 but these levels also have given Commendation Chests. Well, nothing of value is actually lost. So who cares.

However, as written, it should only affect Prestige Levels. So nobody should drop below 35.

Seems I’ve lost 30 odd levels in total but the timing is of this change is interesting.

Yeah. Seems a bit silly to fix at this stage.

Hope it will be fixed in future

Doesnt seem to matter but it would be cool if prestige levels rewarded something within reason.

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