Fix Bots!

Dear Devs,

If i wanna socialise and do quick plays instead of lvling via bot runs i`ll bloody do that. Otherwise let me play however the hell i want; the recent downgrade of AI becoming absolute morons, getting stuck in textures, refusing to use heals when they’re 1 hit away from dieing, sitting idly while another one dies 2 feet from them, this was not there some weeks ago!

So again, leave out the cheap “socialising” tactics and let me play however the hell i want to play the game that i payed for!


Why do you think it’s intentional socializing tactics? Bots have always had issues, bots in games in general are not super great. And if you think about the changes in recent patches, there’s a lot of things that can mess up the bots a bit. It makes more sense for them to fix other things first and then at the end update bot AI if need.

I gave several examples above of AI behaviour that was 100% guaranteed not there prior to .0.6 . Either that was a completely unintended consequence or any1 who played a game solo with bots pre and post patch can tell their behaviour went from decent to facepalm. Also yeah I fully agree there are FAR more important issues than this so why touch it at all ? I’ve seen AI’s getting impacted in other games by patches
( Mobas in particular come to mind ) but never to this degree

Hopefully they can also fix:

  1. “Melee Sienna”.
  2. Bots following you and then stopping in front of you when you’re trying to shoot.
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