Firearms Special Еffects

After reading this article VFX for the Outcast Engineer, I have a request.

Is it possible to improve the special effects of fire and smoke (as well as sounds) when firing a Black Powder weapon? Make it more realistic and entertaining. The existing effects in the game don’t really satisfy me, it should be like this:


As a solo player, I naturally want to see more beauty and spectacle.
However, if it bothers someone, you can make a switchable option in the settings.


Just make it toggleable as the smoke effect from BH’s ult is too much imo.Obscures your target unless you move forward while shooting or have the target tagged.

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I think both in firing effect as well as the hitting of the enemy could use some extra tweaking just because they can pack said improvements into the ps5 xbox g spox and call it enhanced edition.
Like armor pieces breaking, getting damaged, more enemy visual variations, stuff like that
oh and above all:
PLEASE FATSHARK add sound to chaos warriors and other armored units that fall from high places, that stuff is immersion breaking.