Finish Map, no more Rats and Respawn. That is toooo easy


  • what happened on vermintide II, at the end of a map you go to the target without problems. Sometimes its so boring that you think the game is crashed :slight_smile:

  • We miss the rats, rats and rats. That is what we like on vermintide I, there is a never ending rat-attack, no boring walk to the finish. Do your best and fight for the win, aye!

  • Do you think you can walk alone, you are a vermintide-god? than you die from a special-rat. And the punishment at vermintide I was? Yes, there was a long time, a long way, before you can be rescued, and 3 players must fight through a rat-attack, special-rats… and at vermintide II, respawn… it feels the respawn is directly in front of the team :smile: That make that game a little bit easy, or?

thanks for reading.

if they’re spawning really close it’s probably due to gear. There are properties that reduce respawn time (in other words, distance) which would put them a lot closer than someone without. I’ve had to go quite a ways to get people on multiple occasions. One of the few exceptions to this is certain parts of some maps where they can respawn in the same area as the event, if you survive long enough.

Hoards are way less threatening then game 1 I agree. They generally spawn in 2 - 3 staggered groups, alternating from the front and the back. This linearity makes them easy pickings. Game 1 had a bunch of small spawn points for hoards dotted throughout the map, meaning you were generally fighting surrounded. There are points like this in game 2, but not nearly as many. Definitely needs a change, if you’re not surrounded, it doesn’t matter how hard the rats hit or how many of them there are, they’ll be dead before they become a threat.

though even in V1 you could put your back to almost any random corner, dwarf shield wall, and everyone else just spam left click with the occasional shove and kill them all no problem as well… with enough opening dwarf could even q to drakefire, alt fire, q back… etc. it was often harder to funnel them in V1, but it was possible if you knew your maps and positioned accordingly.

in vt1 i liked hordes because i could regen a hell lot of hp back from them lol. every single swing of the sword became a hope for the winning lottery ticket. hp regen on attack was what made the game really fun for me.

I find most mission finales pretty boring. A few waves, mostly scripted, a few elites/specials and a gimmicky event/mini-game which feels like a boring chore to advance the whole thing.
The Boss endings are even worse because they are often less threatening than random bosses and rely on elites/minions spawning right behind you in a tight arena to do anything. Is Halescourge harder? Yeah, he has everything cheap the stormer/leech have + fat unblockable DOT attacks.
I think the ending should be the most memorable and epic moment of the mission, the climax, but they are not.
As personal example:

  • Against the Grain the map starts building up great in the first house and peaks at the barn boss. Then it goes straight downhill with a few hordes but mostly a small stream of weak enemies and some fixed spawns. Predictable. Repeatable. Boring.

  • Righteous Stand starts great at the first tome w/ possible boss then has a good arena (which is better than any boss arena) and goes with a good pace up until the very end. Then it’s a poorly illuminated church (which makes no sense and adds zero dramatic effect) where you have to make a suicidal effort to have a chance to wipe (I’ve never wiped there, ever). With great luck you can get sniped by a ratling hidden behind a window or a globadier.

My favorite ending is The Screaming Bell. A brief mini-game, no chore, a few waves + boss and you still get a threatening amount of enemies in the final stretch before the portal.
Hunger in the Dark is ok. A single Bile Troll. No waste of time.
Athel Yenlui would be next. It’s fully scripted waves and could do with something actually threatening, like a real boss (even an ogre), but it’s ok.

Worst ending is Fort Brachsenbrucke. A mini-game with so little interaction that it feels like a cinematic and the “threat” is a handful of slave rats that can’t even be considered a wave. When it feels it’s done you are also forced to do the stupidest fetch job. You have to go ALL the way to the other side of the arena for nothing and in the process about a dozen or so vermin will be injured. Just enough that you will be made to slow a little and risk dying of boredom.

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