Feudal world character options

In the wonderful setting of 40k, one thing I’d enjoy to see is the ability for the player to truely embrace the look of a character out of modern technological loop.

[for those out of the loop feudal “sometimes called feral” are human planets under the imperium so out of the technological loop for one of many reasons to the point they can range from iron to bronze to stone age levels. even with access to some more advanced tech. The imperium still recruits from said worlds.
Some of these places sometimes have imperial knights as the ruling class. pretty rad.]

I would love a feudal starting homeworld as a background option, would offer delightful fish out of water dialog. But I understand if thats too much.

But what I can suggest is fatshark has the ability to reuse assets and code* from vermintide to bring some uniqe tools to the forfront of battle. Alongside some odd cosmetic choices for teams to wear.

sourced from dark heresy RPG manual.

Perhaps some of these may not fit or the team can’t find a way to make them work with the gameplay but crossbows and bows alike could stand out if they were given the ability to swap ammo types for versatility.

bolas could be akin to a rapid use single target impact stun grenade. be great on dogs or chargers for sure.

As for muskets, great aplril fools toy I’m sure some sadists would enjoy.
But I get development resources are limsted so a healthy inbetween would be laslocks.**

*: I’m aware it’s more than a simple copy and paste, as adjustments need to be made reguardless. More that the talent is there to make it happen if they want too.

**:Laslocks are big single fire lasguns, often ceramonial in use but than you have vostroyan firstborn who use them as frontline weapons like absalute nutters.
considerign these things use a whole powerpack in 1 shot they would be big damage.

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