Fervency Poll

What’s the consensus on Fervency? Balanced to the difficulty or game breaking levels of dps? Too easy to do well with? Too much burst dps on WHC? Only a problem with certain weapons (like Rapier light spam)?

Fervency is:
  • Fine.
  • Too much burst damage for WHC.
  • Too easy to do well with.
  • Only a problem with certain weapons.

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I’m super on the fence between fine and too easy to do well with


On the risk of getting stoned I will repeat what I said somewhere last year. Keep Fervency as it is but deactivate Killing Shot while it is active.

It will have the same effectivity against Hordes but you can not longer tickle elites to death with it by a swipe on their head.


This would favour WHC’s best weapons (Rapier, Billhook & AnF) but those are the crit/headshot damage weapons so it’s not a terrible outcome imo. Key thing is to make it so WHC doesn’t go around spamming light attacks at faces to delete patrols/elite waves.

Other ideas:

  • Could limit the guaranteed crits to charged attacks.
  • Could reduce Fervency’s stagger strength.
  • Could remove Killing Shot. WHC’s technical dps would still be pretty high.
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The problem with nerfing to Fervency in a vacuum is that Unending Hunt immediately becomes the defacto choice in the tier. And reducing diversity, whether it be careers, weapons, or talents, is one of the last things Fatshark should be doing.

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Something that isn’t written in the talent description is that Fervency removes the +25% crit to allies from Animosity.
That being said, I run Unending Hunt most of the time simply because I find the AoE stagger has more value than the guaranteed crit, so I’d rather take 40% cdr (and the team-wide +25% crit is a nice bonus).
Also, +25% crit makes me go from 15% to 40% and that is already good enough to hit an elite 1-3 times and pretty much see him die from Killing Shot reliably.
I usually play with rapier.

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An interesting idea. Would like to see if it leads to an increase of Flail or Greatsword WHC’s :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean completely from the game? I don’t think it is necessary if we tune down the overall crit chances in the game.

It is not in a Vacuum though. It is in comparison to his other career skill talents. Right now, Fervency is the ultimate circle chasing egoistical skill. And this is the reason why it is the most chosen. Unending Hunt is only interesting in constant pressure situations where you need the high frequency. Up to Cataclysm this doesn’t happen to often. So by adjusting Fervency diversity will be increased as other choices become more interesting.

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Nonsense. Fervency and Unending Hunt are pretty well balanced against one another all told. Nerfing one while leaving the other untouched will disrupt that balance, leaving one clear winner.


Nonsense. Fervency and Unending Hunt are not balanced against each other. One is the more than a clear favorite in quickplay lobbies because you don’t need the career skill in such a high frequency. There is currently a clear winner.

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Overall I always find more value in 40% reduced CDR. I think Fervency is fine. Highly situational use but great burst of DPS. A “clutch ulti” doing what it’s supposed to do if the player opts for that route.


I think the space-making ult is more valuable, in Cata specifically.
In Legend and under, most things one-shot elites anyway so having a WHC shout and be level with others if he considers that 40% cdr is no use given the low density and 100% crit is what they want, I don’t mind.

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I play a fair bit of pub Cata and it’s a pretty even split. I can’t speak for lower difficulties, but I also don’t give a damn about how Champ & Legend pubs perceive the issue.

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I use Fervency more with Rapier because it’s satisfying.
Base animosity is very reliable ever since the pseudo random crit distribution change, Unending Hunt just provides a lot of cooldown and team value.

Every career benefits from crit chance, some more than others.
Balance wise, Fervency is pretty in line with something like Hunter’s Prowl.

Both are good.


Hey we both know pick rate and balance don’t always correlate. Between the team wide effect, the cooldown reduction, and affecting ranged weapons for Scrounger abuse, I’ve honestly always thought Unending Hunt was the clear winner. Then again I’ve mostly played in pre-mades, so I get that Fervency is popular for self reliance. Still think it’s not as good as Unending Hunt.


I agree with you on stuff which is underpicked. There is always the chance that people just can’t use it correctly or don’t understand it.

High pickrates however are very very often a very clear sign of something being super powerful or very very easy to use.

In pre-mades Unending Hunt has more value that is correct. In public cataclysm games were “some” people are mostly out for themselves the distribution is leaning clearly towards Fervency. Well, Fatshark has the actual data. So they can easily prove or disprove this claim.

I think you’re underestimating how much more useful deleting nearly everything in front of you within 6 seconds is than a frequent damage boost.

Fervency is a braindead talent that overperforms with all of WHC’s meta weapons. Guess this is why it’s picked by many.

I can totally see that on modded difficulties where things have enough health for it to drastically reduce time to kill. In base game at least, I struggle to see how it outcompetes a whole team with +25% crit chance, happening more frequently no less. I mean you’re already at like 1 in 2 hits are crits so you’ll still delete plenty, meanwhile the rest of your team are putting out a fair bit more DPS too. Sure for a SV patrol Fervency is gonna overperform, but which is better to have against a group of CWs of even a Chaos Pat surrounded by infantry? Which is a much more dangerous situation to my mind. I’d struggle to see myself preferring to have Fervency over Unending Hunt there but I don’t doubt you know what you’re talking about.


Eh i think it´s fine.

Being able to whack a large bunch of non CW elites out (no shields) very quickly seems overpowered for a second but then you realize that there are a ton of things in the game that do that. For instance Waystalker trueflight can in a vacuum of other enemies easily demolish 2-3 stormvermin, with a conc pot one can be relaxed and still decimate one of their patrols even if they all carry shields.

As for other enemies?

I personally think Unending hunt is generally much better for anti horde&dealing with just a few elites, particularly so when getting multiple waves of them and it might even be better for dealing with chaos patrols. Bosses?..Admittedly fervency does the best against bosses but on the other hand its still headshot reliant, not too long and not even too powerful when dealing with those.

If i am not mistaken, fervency also removes the teamwide crit buff when using the ability right? Having the team frequently get 25% bonus crit has a pretty tangible impact, that and he can still crit on his ranged attacks with unending hunt.

So…nah i do not think there is a problem with it, its neither overpowered nor overwhelmingly superior.

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Fervency is indeed very easy to use, but is it a bad thing ?

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