Feedback: Mission Quality Of Life Improvement Suggestions

I find it incredibly frustrating that the game does not allow us to select the content we wish to explore.

As a member of the partner program we were encouraged to stream and promote new elements of the game over the weekend as part of the Signal content drop, however the new map appeared once for me and it hasn’t appeared since then. I have seen Hunting Grounds more frequently but there are times it is simply not there.

The same happened with the Blackout condition, which we were told was released only for it to not be randomly generated for me to play until a last Sunday. This is naturally due to the randomly generated nature of the mission selection screen. I would adore being able to select the new conditions to experience the new content as you put it out, it would allow us to stack multiple conditions on top of one an other, I kept thinking that Blackout combined with Hunting Grounds would be a truly wonderous horror experience.

Further into this there is a weekly mission format that is nigh impossible to complete unless all we do is wait for the very specific conditions of the weekly to be met. Having to depend on 1 specific mission spawning on the selection board at a difficulty you can complete is a pain enough, having to have it randomly spawn with an additional secondary objective adds an other element of frustration to it. It’s as if whoever designed this weekly mission had no idea that player couldn’t choose the missions.

It would also enhance the gameplay to allow us to choose conditions, have them be options players can enable with a toggle, if that’s possible? I played a single Blackout mission since it’s launch and haven’t had the option since. Allow players to stack multiple conditions on top of one an other and add additional rewards for these.

Crafting materials are terribly arduous to move from purple to orange tiered gear as I make progress through Heresy difficulty. Adding a small amount crafting materials as a reward for secondary objectives would help ease this burden but also add greater incentive to pursue them.

Having secondary objectives up permanently and making it a player choice as to which they’d take as it’s impossible to fully collect both at present would allow more challenge as we would have to sacrifice ammo drops and medkits for the sake of additional rewards. It was good game design in vermintide 2 and I’m not sure why it was not brought over from it.

These changes would also allow the potential to make low tiered missions more interesting for higher level characters to play when helping friends or just going after weeklies. It would create a broader range of experiences driven by player choice and would add elements of fun to the game.

We also have the frustration of the weekly mission “Complete N secondary objectives on X mission” which is simply an impossible obstacle without the ability to choose which missions we get. We are dependant on random luck for game to give us the mission and then a second layer of luck for it to give it to us at a difficulty we could complete and a third for it to give us the secondary objectives. It feels like poor quest design or like they are completely unaware of how players are given their mission. OR it was designed with no respect for player time, expecting us to spend all week glued to the game waiting for these specific conditions to be met so we could complete our weeklies. I would like to see a mission selection screen that actually allows us to choose a mission of our choice, or alternatively remove this format from the weekly mission pool, it is a source of nothing but frustration.

As said before, crafting materials are an absolute grind to gain, a shop that allows us to purchase them for a high cost of Ordo dockets would be more than welcome. What are we expected to purchase with them at max level, there are seldom weapons in the shop worth purchasing.

I do not ask for the game to give me everything on a silver platter, I would like to make a little bit of meaningful progress each week, maybe upgrade 1 piece of gear or have a new gameplay experience based on my own initiative. The game in its present state does not allow this without treating the game as the only thing in our lives.

I love Darktide, the gameplay is fantastic, and yet there are a lot of simple and unnecessary elements to it that make it endlessly frustrating and what irritates me the most is that they have very little to do with the actual gameplay. I hope someone takes a long hard look at the way missions are allocated and can see that there is simply nothing good about a purely rng based system. What’s the point in even having a random quickmatch mission when everything on the table is randomly generated anyway?

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The anxiety I get from this “do 6 secondaries on Smelter17-36” is immense.

Casual players will stop of boredom, “hardcore” players will quit over all these small insults and missing QoLs that are simply missing.

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They insist on ignoring the lessons learnt by other developers (like Overkill with Payday’s crimenet and Coffee Stain with Deep Rock Galactic) and have to learn things the hard way.

The devs and (in-house) testers probably never had to interact with the mission selection system in Darktide as players do since they can load whatever map on whatever difficulty with whatever secondaries and conditions they want when they want. If they had to wait for the map to pop up on their excuse of a mission selection system to work on or test it I’ll bet that’ll get changed immediately.

Disclaimer: I am salty because it takes a week of waiting for the right map (repair) to appear with the right difficulty (heresy) every time I need it for a penance.

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Not gonna lie i didnt read the whole thing but.


so be patient.

How is that a good reason for screwing over people who are trying to go for specific maps/missions/difficulties? Let others speedrun, it doesn’t affect you if you can choose what map you want to do.

speedrun all you want, but with different map. or the game will surely have one or two popular map.

why aim explainning this ?

Because the “solution” to stop people speedrunning the same map/difficulty affects significantly more people who just want to run a certain map/difficulty combination than speedrunners. The current system can lock out maps/difficulties for people for a significant amount of time. Imagine never getting a repair mission on a particular because you don’t have the time to camp the game 24/7. All to stop speedrunners? That is not a good reason to remove player agency on something as central as mission selection. Punishing all to punish a few.

Again, how do people speedrunning on the same map/difficulty affect you?