Feedback Foibles and Balance Blunders

I agree. For the time being, no balancing whatsoever should take place apart from things like the effect from changing damage calculation, which obviously is a huge change and things were bound to be in need of fixing. Fix talents that dont work or not as they should, but leave weapons, damage multiplier and abilities as they are for the time being. You cannot do balancing with just balancing each carreer after the nex, it needs to be an overall change.

The reason why it simply doesn’t make sense now is that apart from things stated that distort our ability to truly assert the effectiveness of melee (which, overall, is in a rather good spot all things considered) like ghost swings, models stacking, phantom hits, hits through blocks that shouldn’t do damage, enemies hitting you without animations, enemies spawning next to you with their attack animations already buffered, single enemies sometimes doing triple to quadruple the damage they usually do, is one thing:

We don’t know how difficult the game is actually supposed to be because of the AI director, the spawns and even the aggressiveness of enemies depends on how powerful the host’s CPU is. Ever played with a host that had an overclocked CPU with thirteen worker threads? Because I did and trust me, it is madness, hordes and ambushes being thrown at you literally within 30 seconds of each other, hordes having three times as many mooks as usual, ambient mobs that consist of sometimes DOZENS of elites (especially nice if you jump down on Convocation and are faced with THIRTY MONKS), and specials spawning in an endless conga line of disablers, gas and warpshot. Is that how Legend is supposed to be? Or is it when I deliberately decrease my worker threads, overload my CPU and have the map practically empty with mobs that only attack when I get within touching range of them?
We won’t know until dedicated servers hit the scene and even then, it is very doubtful we will get a consistent experience. But right now, we do not actually know what the game is supposed to be like and what is owed to the code behaving like it does?