Feedback and suggestions - no flame


My experience so far and what id do differently:

Mission selector:
Has to go. I am looking right now at the map and i see a single option for Damnation. Luckily it is with high intensity, because i dont want to play normal or low intensity. I understand you tried to copy the mission selector from DRG, but if you dont offer a proper selection, whats the point? Not to mention when i dont have the option for high intensity, do i have to wait an hour or two for one? Have a selection of maps running with various mods, i pick the difficulty and everyone is happy. Like for example i tick the high intensity modifier, set the difficulty then hit quickplay and the selector puts me into a map with that modifier and difficulty.

Map mods:
High intensity is not enough for a challenge. Can we have more modifiers like more mass on the enemies, more elites etc? We have no modding support for the community to create something like the very popular VT2 mods Onslaught and Deathwish. I am not looking for any additional penances, unlocks or rewards, the gameplay is its own reward. More modifiers would mean necessary tweaks to the server instances you are running, so if that is your reason not to have something like this, im sure the part of the community that needs this would be happy to host instead of running it on the server. Tribes:Ascend allowed us to create our own server instances, same with Quake Live, id be happy to host mine or even pay a regular fee to have access to a beefier server instance for me and my friends.

Next map:
Why do we have to go through another 30+ seconds loading screen to the Loadingstar? There could be an option for the quickplay matchmaker to put us into the next map with the same modifiers if everyone ticks it at the end.

Loading times:
Loading into the Loadingstar is insane. 30+ seconds and i have an SSD and a PC well above the recommended and good net connection. A map loads faster than the Loadingstar. All that for checking the shop for a quick glance at the current garbage selection then going up to the mission selector to pick another map. Even worse when you change to another character. You need to load into the selector (at least that is quick enough), than endure another 30+ seconds to get back to the Loadingstar.

I do not have major problems with the core gameplay, stunlock can be avoided by good positioning. There is one thing, however, that needs to go and that is the bomber’s stun on projectile explosion. Its a soft explosion that stuns you out of anything, even running away from it which is stupid from physics perspective, it should push you. Pushing, however would defeat the purpose of inflicting burn damage on you, so the stun should just go and let the players try to dodge out of it if they can.

Major problems with smaller enemies hiding or shooting through larger bodies, like trapper incapacitating players through a boss, regular infantry hiding in a crusher/bulwark body etc. I dont think that shooting through can be solved, not without the enemy backline mincing their own front ranks, but body in body shouldnt happen.

No, im not here to flame the model or the prices. Im not one who works for free and neither should you. Im willing to buy cosmetics, already bought some. My problem is the Bethesda level clipping i have not seen since an Elder Scrolls game. I bought the poster bundle for the psyker and both extra helmets. Also have the preorder one. 3 out of the 4 helmets have major problems with hair or the head clipping through, sometimes standing still depending on hair, but very visible when running. The “spacesuit” helmet has half the head clipping through when running. It looks extremely bad. If you want me to spend money on cosmetics in the future, please pay attention to the quality of what you release.

It is pretty obvious that right now the boltgun, the zealot flamer and the power sword are significantly better than anything else in the selection. And not just better, they make a run significantly easier. They need to be nerfed then the whole pool of weapons to be reevaluated based on usage. Im sure you have the necessary tools in place to monitor usage, make good use of them.

I play psyker currently. I like to go with the thematic staff and force sword. Yet every time i check the shop for something that would be useful, i see a plethora of lasguns, autoguns, axes and catachan/dueling swords, rarely staffs or force swords. During a day when i play for quite a few hours, i barely have what to upgrade, because it is not enough to have the actual weapons i am looking for, i need better base rolls. Maybe a reroll option in the shop for the list to prefer the currently equipped gear or archetypes?

It worked in VT2 receiving an extra chest and a +1 increment, it works in DRG to polish your stupid stars. Why not having anything like that after hitting 30 on a character? It doesnt have to show it to the other players in the party, to prevent unnecessary kicking. Its another little something that breaks the monotonity.

Unique cosmetics from the lore:
Im pretty sure you’ve seen the feedback on the not so female looking female faces. Most people say its rule34, but some were especially irritated. Why not try to solve that in a financially pleasant way like introducing prominent characters from the lore as bundle? Inquisitor Andrasta from DOW2 or Lieutenant Mira from Space Marine comes to my mind. Not the characters themselves, just closely resembling lookalikes. I’d totally buy them if they come with unique face option. Not just women btw, Darktide is not a model show. Im sure people would be equally thrilled if they are offered Sly Marbo or Ciaphas Cain, Sebastian Yarrick lookalikes.

And thats it i think. Thanks a lot for the game, im having a blast with my friends. There are smaller things id like to complain about but we can do that later :slight_smile: