Feature request: Reduce post effects

In dark environments or lights out game modes Pysker’s smite and venting shriek give me vicarious epilepsy.
Please make the game more approachable to disabled people or the ones with epilepsy.

Soulblaze and smite effects should have been toned down ages ago. Those levels of visual noise don’t belong in a game which requires from players to act/react to events based on visual and audio information.

If it becomes an option that we can choose individually, I’m all for it, but if Fatshark nerfs the animation of my Soulblaze, I’m going to cry because I won’t be able to delight in sadistic satisfaction at the heretics writhing in pain while I set them on fire.

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As much as I love setting heretics on fire in melee squeeze, I would also love to be able to see and hear enemies. VT2 had some similar issues, but Darktide has even more visual and audio noise, nevermind some clear audio bugs inherit to the engine. Issues which Fatshark seemingly gave up on fixing…

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