Fatshark, you better stop 343ing your comms because it's burning us all out. Tell us if it's this week or not

Look man, we can only get “next weekish, I think, it depends on what people say, i’m not sure, kinda sorta, we cant commit to something, etc etc” so many instances in a row.

If you cant do it this week, TELL US YOU CAN’T DO IT THIS WEEK. THAT’S FINE. For chrissakes, manage the expectations of your playerbase or don’t, but this half-ass method of kicking the can farther and farther and farther down the road is almost as annoying as the outright bait-and-switch you guys pulled with the original title as envisioned vs. the “it’s due tomorrow morning” rush job you all pulled.

FS, why can’t you just tell us we won’t hear anything by this week?

Why cant you just be honest? Why do you have to 343 this whole mess? Why can’t you just say “no” instead of leaving us all to dejectedly hope all week?


Because they have no clue if they are going to be able to say something this week or not, something that doesn’t make things worse at least.

Given past experience with FS’s development process, they are not hiding info from you, they are just being incompetent.


Then the answer is “Don’t say it might come this week. Schedule it for next week”. If they aren’t comfortable with their capabikities of answering anything in a timely fashion then they can admit that to themselves and commit to an answer next thursday instead of this one.

That they won’t means they’re afraid of giving literally any answer.

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There’s probably a fair bit of panic going on right now at FS, give they’ve lost like half their playerbase over the holidays.

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mmhmm the holidays its supposed to increase your fanbase

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You’re right, there likely is.

That’s why the open, honest communication is important.

“Hey, we know you guys are pretty miffed. We’re working on a comprehensive list of pain points and updates and are organizing a long term plan. We’ll have more to share next week, but we wanna say we know and understand. See you soon.”

Will that mollify everyone? Of course not. But it’s a solid start to a better method of comms.

I can’t agree more


"We are busy gathering information and assessing our priorities considering players feedback that we take seriously. Darktide is a complex game that we plan on supporting for a long time and it is very dear to us. We have a lot of stuff planned for the future and appreciate everyones feedback.

We had planned to release this down the road but I am happy to announce more cosmetics will come to the free shop as well as 2 new weapons for the psyker and veteran class. We are also introducing the 3rd crafting option as well as 100 aquilas pack. We will have more news in the upcoming few weeks on more changes regarding custom lobbies.

Server stability has been addressed in the upcoming patch and we hope it will get better and will be keeping an eye across multiple social media to hear your feedback.

Thank you again for your patience. We really appeciate your support and feedback."

^^^^^^^^^^ This will be the most they will do or say. Which would still be sh!t. And I dont even think we will get half of that.

That is if they say anything at all. So many CMs yet no comms.