Fatshark pushing terrible guides?

Just curious what’s going on with Fatshark pushing random blog posts for guides. The Waystalker one that just started coming up has just blatantly false information.

It reads as someone who hasn’t actually played the game, but needed to push out a video game article.


Can you link what you are talking about?

Steam Community guides are not endorsed by the developers

edit: my bad, I’ve been using temporary_launcher_workaround for so long I didn’t even know this was a thing

As above, I have never seen fatshark publish any “official” guides for this game and everything that is on steam is written by random people who might or might not know anything about this game and mechanics.

I am pretty sure that he means the new section in the launcher which suggests random guides from the Steam - Guide Section.

They either make it random as now or they do handpick them which comes with another bunch of issues.

alternate option is link to a section that aggregates guides, like just linking to the guide section on steam instead of linking directly to individual guides. It’d be the most impartial method and least likely to have people feeling misled…I’d imagine also easier than yanking random links every X amount of time

Also to clarify: the current launcher isn’t only linking to steam guides, it’s also linking to random Ranald’s gift builds and random articles/guides from sites like gamespot, polygon and such

Hey, so we handpick these. I chose the Waystalker guide because I agreed with most of it (minus the Natural Bond bit–and even then it’s not terrible on her, if it’s the one I’m thinking of). Is it a hardcore in-depth guide? Nope! is it reasonable for a beginner? I think so.

Right now, we’re trying to give creators their due and help drive traffic to them as a “thank you” to them and putting out their content. However, a lot of content is outdated, and/or isn’t targeted to the super hardcore players, so sometimes finding the sweet spot of topics and accuracy can be difficult.

We’re working on stuff to putting out our own content at a later date; but for now, I pick them and try to give some variety and go through on what I agree with (and there is some variance among the community on what is and is not correct gameplay).

The builds, for now, in Ranald’s are samplings; and will change periodically as we move out of the beta phase of the launcher. We’re still testing to see what content resonates with you.


Well, I stand corrected. So, they are handpicked. Thanks for explaining FS’s perspective on this. Also agreeing that “correct” gameplay might vary among the community and it is probably more important to have guides with better accessibility/explainaing for newer members as the older part of the community knows where to find suitable sources anyway.

Haven’t checked the guide in question, maybe the OP could specify if it is just a matter of opinion or if there is provable wrong information provided. For example if the author said that you can still get permanent HP by using healing potions while using Natural Bond.

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Some of the problem with guides is they’re so subjective. I absolutely love using the Greatsword on FK, but if I put out a guide extolling the virtues of the weapon there’d be an avalanche of posts basically saying “shut up it’s sh!t”, …even with @Rebel backing me up people would clutch their pearls and clock me over the head with Sigmars Holy Book and label me a blaspheming heretic.

This is a comment on the nature of Steam Forums for a start, and general awareness of various weapons usefulness.

There is a place for guides for varying levels and difficulties, and the guide I think you’re referring to is pretty good in Legend and really good in lower difficulties.

For those people who are struggling to get from Champ to Legend in QP, it is probably just the thing they need.


I’d support it until rebel endorses it and then I’d change my mind :smiling_imp:


If Greatsword is the revolution, then I am the Soviet Union.

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