Fatshark needs to reconsider turning CW god-boons into weapon traits

Not only do they dilute, but they also can turn it into hard mode(50% curse for 25% power, for example - on zealot/warriorpriest that’s obviously not an issue, but if that gets randomed by typical 100hp class…that’s just getting 1-2shot by most things in cata).

To be fair, auto coin pickup can be very nice when you want to ledge monsters(but the radius is too tiny, need at least 15m).

People who want “skill based” mode should be playing campaign…etc.
CW is rng-reliant by design. Having low power(hence stagger and cleave) at early stages of CW run + no way to reliably build for breakpoints is plenty of punishment(and anti-skill because people lost the ability to itemize for stagger breakpoints).

It really didn’t get more skill based. Since the extremely strong offensive boons were moved to traits and/or nerfed, there’s no incentive to greed. This frees up more coins for utility boons since what else would you spend on? Utility careers like FK, HM and BW are ridiculously strong now, and they were already strong before the update. If they get something like Hukon’s Sundering, the run is over. So we’re still in a situation where a single boon roll on the right career will “ruin” an expedition. It just changed from high risk, high reward to low risk, high reward. But I don’t think the intention of the moving of boons to traits was to make the game harder anyway.

Shifting offensive boons to traits and having boons give mostly defensive and utility buffs is honestly fine on paper. In theory it makes for an interesting economy meta where you have to make a decision between spending coins on either offensive buffs (traits/weapons) or defensive buffs (boons). But since traits are available so damn late into a run it doesn’t work out like this in practice. You can’t forego rolling strong defensive boons if there are no strong offensive traits to roll for. I hope you enjoy utility turtle meta, because that is what you are getting this patch.

I would say its much harder by design.
Campaign Cata is a cakewalk compared to CW.

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Harder doesn’t necessarily mean skill-based.

Not to mention early stages of CW has reduced enemy hp.

There was more skill back when there was all the offensive godboons plus the “op” monster traits(like illusions that have lots of hp + traits themselves, and old shieldbreaker…etc.), people had a choice between actually be decent player or get defensive boons(because going down/dead means 0 dps and none of the offensive boons can help with that).

Some of the new boons straight up encourage bad play(like blocking 3 hits or something to get a guaranteed crit; and the “always go down never die outright” + “ring of fire when you go down” and “lightning when disabled”).

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Its like a new difficulty lvl. Would you say Cataclysm doesnt need more skill than Legend?

I also have a hard time with boons that provide only defense being somehow less skilled than blowing up enemies with AoE/chain damage but I’m all ears. Since VT2 is a survival style game I would much rather have boons that impact survivability than a bunch of room clearing no effort combat boons. Because I would rather duke it out with the pactsworn.

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I agree. Although I’ve had fun with a lot of the new boons, I want to see those traits more often. I’ve only had taal’s twined arrow once in about 30 completed Chaos Wastes runs. Haven’t seen another player get it once.

As you also said, those traits no longer affect your ult or your secondary weapon; no more Saltz double-shotting with his rapier+pistol :cry;.

I have heard a few solutions and have some to add to some of the problems discussed here:

Make Traits Available on EVERY Weapon
This could help remove a bottleneck in those earlier missions and encourage some to give a green weapon a shot; I even avoid the blue. There’s also a bit of a bottleneck later on before your team can obtain that orange or red temper you need. Weapon traits are so damn rare I only got Taal’s Twined Arrow once in like 30 wins on Legend; never seen another player get it. Maybe keep the odds of getting a powerful trait lower early on or just certain traits out of the pool for green and blue weapons.

Make Traits and/or Weapon Temper/Swap Available at Shrines
The lack of upgrade options can make or break a run, and I don’t think it should hinge on you finding that orange or red temper that seems to be missing. Having the option appear at a shrine at least gives you one more opportunity than you might otherwise have.

More Options on the Map
Options here are really what make me feel like I’m getting railroaded into victory or defeat. In the campaign you can choose everything, now I’m saying the Chaos Wastes should give you total control over your development, but it doesn’t give you enough options. Perhaps having more branches on the map too. It seems like there should be 3 or 4 mission branches instead of 1 or 2. This would not only help keep things fresh, but it would also help give players more opportunities, which are often lacking.

Recycle Boons at Shrine

This too is another thing I agree with as a solution to keep players from getting shafted entirely by taking some risks. There are certain boons that can ruin other boons or talent boons that interefere with other talents.