@ Fatshark any word on when the cosmetic shop will return?

Yes, i know alot of folks have strong negative feelings about the costume shop, and its implementation, and thats cool, but some of us want it back. Appearances and variety have gotten extremely stale. Can anyone at FS speak to its possible return?

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You really want to drop another $12 for a single costume on a game that’s in the state Darktide is in?



And cause darktide is not in the state you say it is


Why? Seems like a bad practice to support them at the moment. Especially with how predatory the premium cosmetic shop already is.

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Cause I like the game
Cause I think they have delivered finally what they promised
Cause I want to support the game
Cause I play it everyday (I opened my 5th character)
Cause I like cosmetics

The only thing I would want now… is a TPS view mod :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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