Fast track isn't working

Tested by looping around the keep from the door to the archway to the portal after a-d spamming in the doorway to generate a stack. With the talent and without the talent both generated a stack of shot in roughly the same location after walking around.

(I have the best verminscience methods)

Instead of such an obtuse stack generation method, why not just use a timer like literally every other passive in the game lol.

I’m on team “make sure shot generate from headshots”. More thematic and less broken than the current method

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Technically the passive doesn’t affect the maximum skill ceiling (where you are a god who doesn’t miss any headshots), it just raises the skill floor alot. If it has been raised to much then it simply needs to be tweaked. The reason I don’t like your suggestion is it will once more remove huntsman’s synergy with blunderbuss and repeater (and i know the passive has a totally overpowered interaction with blunderbuss at the moment which I’m sure will be fixed).

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I tested it earlier in the keep (as a host) and it worked. Make sure that before starting measuring distance, you switch to another hero and then back to Huntsman. This will respawn your hero, ensuring the talent Fast Track is properly applied or unapplied, and will reset your odometer.

What a strange game. I’ll try it again later then.

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