Farming blessings is complete ASS Fatshark please do something about it

“Pre bricked blues” can be pretty good for both t4 hunting and perfect weapon hunting. Pick up those with good distribution, a good trait, and a blessing you don’t want so it will be out of the pool on upgrade. You also save around 350 plasteel compared to brunt whites or 200 compared to greens.

Really? You are the first one that said that I commented on it somewhere maybe you have seen it that I suspect there is some kind of luck protection there cos I haven’t seen any post about not getting high enough stats after (x) tries post, it would be pretty famous.

It happened to me too, I wasn’t mad at least because it wasn’t an upgrade anyway I was just fishing for the double t4.

Look, 13 blessing weapons apart for me that 10-game thing holds really well for me and the people I play with. With how much stuff I have it’s usually less, but I’m not actively trying to get stuff like FS so that’s that. For me, your experience seems so outside of what I would say is probable that I’m convinced that you are either exaggerating or a one in a million.

I’m saying this because if my experience and my friend’s experience (with some support from others I’ve seen here also having the same experience) of “around 10 games for specific of 2 t3 blessing on a good item” is the same, I find it very unlikely to be something vastly unlikely to be far above average luck. I’d add to this that in my and the experiences of others, I know 10 game average isn’t just an average of 2s and 50s, it’s pretty consistently around 10 games’ worth of resources.

One of the staunchest defenders of the crafting system made a thread about how he got nothing usable after 50 buys. Picking and choosing here, are we?

You might as well be claiming the sky is rainbow colored. I know it’s false. I’ve seen that it’s false. My most liked post about the terrible crafting has 53 likes. There are any number of forums posts and topics on the subject.
I couldn’t care less about your sample size of your girlfriend and the two other people who defend the system on the forums.

It is unmitigated RNG of the worst sort, and it is obviously so. Just have a look at rolling for perks. I routinely have to roll 200+ times (thankfully with automated mod) to get what I want at T4. That means that to get it ‘naturally’ I would have had to upgrade several hundred weapons to get ONE T4 perk.

The system is inexcusable, and I cannot fathom how anyone of sane mind could defend it.


I just stopped playing and suggest others do the same until Darktide has more respect for our time.

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Haven’t seen that one, but then again I’m not here every day. Did a search but didn’t manage to find it. Is this recent? Can you link the thread or something?

Dude, you can’t just lump all people who want no gear progression into the bad luck category. I don’t read all the posts, but what I’ve read and/or been active on is either:

  1. Can’t get chase blessing that is super rare like this thread we are on currently.
  2. Player turns out doesn’t want progression at all and talks about perfect items.
  3. Considered “good item” is actually something super optimized, something far above what we are currently talking about.
  4. Player turns out doesn’t uses the system properly and only looks at 360-370+ rated items, disregarding good blues, etc.
  5. Edge case of the force sword that I would consider the worst, or as bad as it can get.

If you can link me a few of the threads that don’t fall into this category, you are welcome to do so, and I might even change my mind.

This is just shifting the goalpost. We were talking about reasonable time to get “the good item” to try out I’m not going to go into optimized item territory with 2 specific t4 perks in this discussion. Stay on topic.

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I agree, but seeing how this game is still shell of a game, it’s better for your mental health to not go crazy farming out blessings. You should just play your few games to have fun, and then along the lines find a good blessing at Melk. This game is so incomplete I can’t justify playing it seriously at this point.


You tried twice to get me into perfect item territory and once I replied with a stop doing that you immediately jumped on it. You’ve probably read my post where I’ve described similar systems and how they work, and what chase items are. They work exactly like chase items. You can act all self-righteous as you want, yes you are actively shifting the goalpost, even more now. For me, you just come off as dishonest. Also, link me those posts will you?

It’s the steam spring sale so yeah. Buying a bunch of games to tide me over a few months before coming back to this.

The RNG is obscene and doesn’t belong in this kind of game. It’s not an ARPG.


Why are you lying? I simply asked how long it should take to get ONE perfect item. You clearly have no answer. Everything else I’ve been talking about is completely normal progression - you know, a system where you try to improve on something you have. Or, god forbid, try to get a new combination of blessings.

All you can blabber about is how the sky is purple because you say it is, and how everyone hating on the system is wrong, or hating it for wrong reasons. Just what the hell, man.

Also, this was so easy to find:

There’s one of the few other people that have been defending this system, finally running afoul of the RNG.

Because that’s what RNG does when the odds are truly horrific.


Dude, stop! You definitely trying to drag me into this (and it was the second time I replied with nope), and now I also say no. I’m not going to jump from topic to topic every 2 replies. Try it in the next thread with me or something. Stay on topic at least.

Maybe I tried the wrong keywords, and it is pretty recent. I find @Ralendil’s proposed pity system pretty reasonable. Don’t think that I’m of the opinion that the system is without fault and cannot be improved.

Replying to your previous comment more in-depth

Actually, I can’t remember arguing with anyone brutally criticizing the system who doesn’t come up with 100-300 hour gear progression to the absolute max after a while. Since I several times noted my personal gripes with the system and a few things about how it could be improved I would have suspected someone will come, but no. Maybe they aren’t as driven as you and the few others I see everywhere.

Yes, I clearly remember arguing with you on a thread where OP was basically only looking at top-rated items. If I remember correctly she was also of the opinion that gear progression should stop after 100-300 hours of playtime, but I might be wrong about that.

Not even slightly higher, probably a lot higher. There are weapons that are easy, for one reason or another. There are others that are average or a bit harder to get, and there are a few like Force Sword that is way outside of the norm.

An edge case might weaken my argument, but it doesn’t mean it falls apart. The “around 10 games worth of resources on average” is still pretty accurate.


Commanderj is an absolute brainlet who does nothing but cry about how bad he is at the game all day. No sense in arguing with him lol

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