Fantastic Work, Great Game

@Fatshark Thank you for providing a high quality product! Hope the holidays found you well. Have a happy new year! Looking forward to what Darktide has in store for 2023.


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it’s garbage

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Woah, tone down the sarcasm, buddy.

No sarcasm here! Enjoyed my first ~120 hours or so. Definitely brought cheer to my holiday season.

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Nice b8 m8, I r8 8 out 8

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Same here. I think if they’d marked it as “Early Access” and done launch in late Q1 the tone of conversations would be entirely different.

I’m having fun, the gameplay is great, the environments are gorgeous / immersive, the music is bangin’.

There are bugs, there are crashes, there are missing features, and there are balance issues. I’m not as butthurt over them as the vocal doomsayers on this forums - VT2 took a while to get as good as it is. Heck, the fact that I crashed out of a run yest (which is rare for me) and was able to load back into it is a massive improvement over VT2.

I’m aware that they launched during a holiday season so realistically speaking it’s only been ~2 business weeks since they launched, and there’s a lot of work to do. I’m farming up lots of weapons and blessings because I enjoy playing the game and assume they’ll be useful when crafting is finally launched. Having fun, also >100 hours in.

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but they didnt? they thought baiting people with a full release was justified, so people react exactly to that premise. all i can say the way they treated their customers definitely deserves all the bad reviews alone


Pretty much, a friend often says “If they’d launched it as early access, it’d be the best early access game I’d ever played, but it’s in no state for a full release”

Rushing the game out before Christmas really hurt the game. As we’re now several weeks with no meaningful patch and people are just getting more bitter about the problems.

Most of the time, when you’re in mission (with no problems), the game is great… then the mission ends and oh, that mission isn’t available anymore and everywhere you look is the worst kind of RNG trying to ruin your day and waste your time.

I just want to play the game, not the shop, not the mission selection screen, not the 40+ second loading screen to the Mourningstar.

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Yes, that’s why you’d expect that their 3rd game won’t start in same shameful state. So 4th game will also be fine if it comes out like that? At what point you will say it’s not ok?

I mean… the state of gameplay, graphics, and music is pretty outstanding. Being able to reconnect to a session is outstanding vs VT2. Having server based rather than peer based is outstanding vs VT2. I haven’t had frequent crashes (maybe one every 5-10 hours of play, and most of those were over a small period pre-hotfix) but I know other folks are suffering.

The main gripe therefore is the lack of crafting being ready at launch? That’s WORLDS better than VT2 …

I agree with this quote… and I’d argue that it directly contradicts what you wrote (‘shameful state’ at launch). The actual gameplay is pretty sweet at launch. Yah, the gear treadmill and crafting are poorly designed and not fully implemented, valid complaint, but I think people are making a bigger deal out of it than it should be. Yes, if not addressed, this will tank the game’s longevity - Fatshark should be very aware of this. But comparing launches? Pretty solid.

its a full release game, it should be at a fully polished stage already

@goare Agreed, from a technical standpoint you can see improvements, some significant over VT2 that support their stated goals/philosophy.

the main gripe is that besides gameplay, graphics and music the game is filled with placeholder systems. be it lackluster perks for the classes, lackluster customisation for the classes, lackluster weapon balancing, most are just worthless to take over others, lackluster class balancing, lackluster mission selection and lackluster story. not a comprehensive list but if all you took away from what people are complaining about is crafting isnt there you read very selectively.

I think the issue is that one person’s specific definition of “GAME”, of what they include and project as “THE GAME” differs from others. Makes comparisons harder.

On a micro scale, the individual actions taken within missions, the game’s pretty darn solid. The gunplay and combat took some getting used to versus Vermintide, but mechanically they’re good. The atmospherics (graphics, sound) set the tone well. And while I struggle visually because the game optics are so busy (I’m old, sob) it’s been improved by turning off features and tweaking settings. These micro details are all great, and the devs can be pretty proud of them.

On a macro scale though, the longevity-concerning details - we’re talking the way players interact with the game as a whole, like mission selection, gear progression, stores and such - the game just falls down. It’s dreadful. The experience makes getting to the gameplay feel like a chore. Running through the Mourningstar for every single mission is pointless to the gameplay. Making us wait at stores for random items to match what we want? Dreadful. Abysmal crafting choices that run counter to the stated direction of removing RNG. The list there is as bad as the combat and gameplay are good.

It’s a frustrating dichotomy. I feel that it’s fair to say Darktide is the worst great game I’ve ever played and I’m both glad I didn’t buy it and happy that someone gifted it to me. But boy do I hope they acknowledge how bad some of their systems are and work towards fixing them, because once you’re not stressing about RNG shops, not getting the maps you want and the premium store taking up developers thoughts, there’s a lot of very fun pew-pewing to be had.

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this has to be bait…

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Thing is, they could (and should) EASILY spend a quarter each on: Class identity, balance and customization; Weapon identitiy, balance and customization; Mission selection and story implementation; Penance system overhaul and endgame. What we got in each field is just a bare bones version of a thought out system, pasted over from vermintide in large quantities.

and i feel this much time is very much needed to get the game into a state it needs to be to not be called early access. the tide games at launch had SO much more clear vision on what they want to be, this is just a pretty tech demo