Failed to recreate D3D11: Failed to create input layout (80070057

So I bought a Viotek GN32DB monitor and I was going to use it to be my main monitor to pull up games while I used the TV for my stream. Making the monitor the main screen isn’t the problem, the problem lies when I open up Apex Legends and click on the TV screen to open up OBS ; It shuts down the game and I can’t open it back up. I have to restart my computer and switch main display back to the TV. The TV is plugged in Via HDMI to the computer and it does have a VGA port. Also the monitor is plugged in to the graphics card. Help?

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Hey! We at Fatshark don’t have any involvement with Apex Legends, but I can see the error produced is DirectX-related. Try performing a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers.

Otherwise, I’d recommend reaching out to the Apex Legends community for help:


FS support so good people come asking for help with other games, too :joy:

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