Extremely broken and difficult chaos monsters in expeditions

Actually, some monsters with effects sound good on paper … but in execution they are a nuisance and more when they appear in small spaces and suddenly a horde appears. And more in higher difficulties. Because there are times that they have effects where the test cannot be finished or the test ends but we cannot get the reward, for example: a monster that has illusion, regeneration and invincibility is a great annoyance, because not being able to kill the original continues illusion after illusion appearing (I would believe they were about twice and that’s it, but no, they come out as many times as they want even less time), the illusions should be weak with a few blows so that they disappear., the regeneration should be slow and not Quick, the invincible thing should be changed to something that better described that resists long distance attacks (but not long distance ultis) Also these appear in the earliest levels of expeditions because they may not have tempered the weapons or never appears a temple of any kind.
Even for the space we cannot get a reward because they are in a place of no return if you advance on the map.
Fix this, because instead of being entertained it is frustrating, not being able to advance the expeditions because one of these monsters appears with annoying effects

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