Executioner Sword too Slow

Anyway I have to say that Merc’s nerf (dmg reduction from 40% to 20%) is an Exe’s nerf too.

Exe is a risky weapon (very slow, bad survivability)… and, someway, damage reduction compensated for the disadvantage.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying that now Exe is “not worth” and I’m NOT here to complain Merc’s nerf… I’m only saying that, Exe Sword, received a double nerf. There is to think about it… since, already pre beta, it was a weapon with precise pro and cons.

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Exe is not very risky weapon. Amazing pattern very fast block cancel quite a reach.
And 40 dmg reduction was ridiculously strong


In my opinion it’s pretty evident the amount of survivability that you lose when you pass from weapons like Rapier, Sword and Dagger, Billhook, Axe and Falchion (all weapons with a strong damage both vs hordes and elites) to Exe Sword… I feel it’s slow in every single aspect, it hasn’t a “panic button” attack to create some space and escape from bad situations…

but I respect your pov, it’s useless go beyond.

Yes most reliable headshot pattern with amazing elite dispatching. No you don’t lose anything comparing to rapier a&f. Billhook I don’t play much with it so dunno s&d still busted so its hard to compare any weapon to it.

The Exec’s base damage is higher than those weapons and on headshot as well. It’s risk vs reward. The Exec has horde clear, elite clear, armour cleave, a little bit of monster damage, crit chance on heavies and l3, good range (especially on the heavy), easy horizontal and vertical headshot angles and decent bodyshot damage on top, which all comes at the cost of mobility and defense as a trade off.

The Rapier on the other hand doesn’t have the Exec’s bodyshot damage, its cleave, its reach, its crit chance etc. Instead the Rapier has higher mobility, more (but weaker) pushes, a better inner-angle block cost modifier and the pistol special. I believe (this depends on the career though) the Rapier has higher monster and berserker dps, while the Exec has higher armour and superarmour dps. Vs infantry it probably goes to WHC with Flense (except vs Marauders) but otherwise to the Exec, and Flense is clearly busted anyway.
The Billhook is somewhat op.

The Exec can be risky, but because of its cleave it can also be quite safe.


Ye, I’m saying that. Pro and cons. Exe has more “attack power” but less mobility… for this, in my opinion, it didn’t need a nerf… it alreayd had bad sides.

Yes and cons were so small that you didn’t even need to dodge half the time because of how fast exec was deleting everything infront of you

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I probably wouldn’t have cut quite as much attack speed from it, but exec is still good for merc or GK, not sure about the others.

It’s definitely not a bad weapon, still amongst the best.

This ten times.
Even if the nerf is far from unbearable though.

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