Executioner sword (and bret long) not cleaving through stormvermin

This is a weird one. Executioner sword can cleave through cleave resistant units such as stormvermin and maulers.

But sometimes it fails against stormvermin. I heard there is bug about the animation stopping when hitting shoulders, but the damage/stagger does stop too.

Issue with this bug is that it is hard to reproduce. In controlled environment like modded it works like a charm. It stops working in official for some reason.

Here are some clips.

Without any boosts executioner sword should cleave through stormvermin. (12.5 mass vs 7.46+tank modifier). Merc even has 25% extra mass reduction. So 19.89 mass cleave against stormvermin. Not sure if more the merrier (10% boost from 2 enemies) applied to that attack in case it calculates at start of swing.

You could say it went “over” the clanrat, but from playing merc hundreds of hours I would say it hit. But thankfully I have another clip

Here there is no doubt. Again normal official cataclysm game. Hit stops at stormvermin and doesn’t damage nor stagger the clanrat that proceeds to hit me.

When you go to test this stuff on modded, you get results you expect. Swings going clean through the SV.

The secondary enemy is a slave rat in this clip, but that is just for easier spawning, what the next enemy is doesn’t matter in terms of cleave, only if mass is left. And all regular infantry enemies have stagger threshold of 0, so any stagger hit will at minimum flinch them. So clan rat vs slave rat “stagger resistance” doesn’t matter here.

This same issue seems to happen with bretonnian long sword at times, but it is harder to notice and because of the diagonal swings you assume the swing went under the enemy. But I am quite sure it is affected by same thing now.

For greatsword this seems not to be an issue. Maybe the issue is double dipping mass or something and it just overpowers through it with its massive cleave stats.

Another thing is that this issue seems to never happen against maulers. They work perfectly, cleanly slicing through them to the mass cap like it should.

Please fix. I like slicing rats through SV with my big sword(s).


I can say that the Bret Longsword does feel like it wasn’t cleaving armor, but I never bothered to truly check. I’m on PS4.

that looks frustrating.

It has the same feel to it as when a long weapon hits a wall/the floor midswing (often outside your view due to the length of the weapon swing/larger hitboxes) and thus doesn’t complete its damage even though the animation may go farther some.

Weird to say the least. How frequently does it happen. I play a lot of Grailknight bret sword and never came to notice it. Have never really played X-Sword though (Merc-Halberd main)

I have found the issue!!!

There are two kind of stormvermin with halberds. “Skaven_Storm_Vermin” and “Skaven_Storm_Vermin_Commander”. They look identical and have same health. But they must have different mass. Executioner sword with merc can’t cleave through them. I need to do more tests with other weapons and as non-merc ( I remember not cleaving through SV with bret long as FK for example).

If this different stormvermin is intentional as a “stronger stormvermin”, then it should have a clear different look.

Here is a clip of me spawning stormvermin commander in cata 1 game in modded.

Only time it cleaved was after a crit when it was staggered for 25% reduced mass.


Here is a clip showing FK with 10% power boost from Comrade in Arms trying to use H1 of bret long to cleave through normal SV, and “commander” SV. As we can see normal SV gets cleaved as is expected while “commander” variant doesn’t.

While here the commander variant is brighter red colored, both variants spawn with both coloring randomly if you try to spawn them multiple times. So you can’t know the difference beforehand.
Here is clip where I spawn both SV variants and I doubt anyone would know the difference, especially in a heat of battle. SV and SV"commander" look alike

It seems the variant ignores weapon mass modifiers. Since merc can cleave through commander with bret long (10.45/0.75 = 13,933… cleave for 12.5 SV mass).

Same with as in the first clip of this comment, executioner sword with merc managed to cleave through it if the SV was staggered. So 7.46/0.75/0.75 = 13.262 mass without weapon modifier.


From source code it is confirmed SV commander isn’t listed in the hit mass modifiers. Please fix it by including it in the “Tank” and “Heavy linesman” modifiers like regular SV


that certainly sounds interesting! This has to be a bug for sure. nice find!!

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